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Mary & Max (MR)

Friday, August 9th, 2013

I watched the movie Mary & Mary (2009), the other night, and was very pleased.  It’s a touching tale of two lonely people, separated by age and distance, who manage a sort of friendship over the course of their lives.  Sometimes amusing, sometimes depressing, and very believable.  Amazingly detailed clay stop-motion animation, without sacrificing story for art, nor art for story.  I won’t go into any plot details, just say that I am still glad I watched it.

Manhattan Seattle

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Walked up to Cap Hill last night, and check out Manhattan,  “A modern steakhouse with a Southern flair, ” a statement which confuses me.  Your restaurant, named after the most Yankee of cities, has southern flair?  Because gold-plated antelope skulls with ak-47’s were a thing when I grew up in Texas…not =p

Silly naming aside, the place was pretty spiff.   The space is a standard store-front rectangle, with a large bar, and a reasonable number of tables of varying party sizes.  The craft cocktail menu has several absinthe items on it, but I did find something I wanted to try, a “Honey Jack”…something not entirely unlike a Dark n Stormy, but with Jack and honey.

The gumbo was farking delicious, and I might go back just to get more, sometime.  I went with the fried chicken over mac-n-cheese…chicken was tasty and super-tender, falling apart at the first touch of the fork, no knife required, with a crisp and lightly spiced coating.  The mac-n-cheese, while tasty, wasn’t very cheesy at all…if they  had said “over pasta”, it would have been just fine, but I wouldn’t call it “-and-cheese”.  Desert was a tasty sorbet, with some scattered granola and berries…quite yummy.

Bartender was attentive and polite, but sometimes busy.

Google Music Beta

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Got my invite to the google music beta this morning and started trying it out.
The initial scan of my media library went fairly quickly, in part because it looks like they are just doing a search for media files by type during the first pass, and not actually attempting to parse them until they add them to your library. This of course means that it gives me the annoying “we’re going to load a random selection of your library because it’s too big for us”, with no way to tell it which tracks/artists/albums to prioritize. And the loading process is slow. It’s been running since 8am this morning and is only 900 songs in (it says it’s going to load 20,000 eventually). It’s not clear if checking the “free music” buttons during setup means I’ve given up some of the 20k slots to their music, or if I’ll end up with 20k of mine plus the freebies. In another 80 hours we will see where things are at, I guess.

UPDATE: 27 hours later and we’re all the way up to 7000 songs.

It’s also not impressing me with the way it randomly decides to split an album into two entities even though all the visible metadata matches. While editing metadata for an individual track was obvious, it’s not clear how to merge two albums that should be one, or to fix the same data for multiple tracks at the same time.

Will have to give a fuller evaluation once it’s finished the loading process, and I can see how well they select from my music.

Starbucks Cake Pop

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

For April’s Fools Day, someone put a joke card on my kanban, “Get Coffee”. Today as I was getting ready to pull the card from my WIP, our group lead stopped me and said we were going to make it a real card and our manager was taking out out for coffee.
When we got to the nearest Starbucks, I was wondering what I would order, given the lack of decent hot chocolate at Starbucks now, when I noticed 3 little lollipop looking things in the food case. On inspection, it turned out they were something called “Cake Pops”, presumably a tiny bit of cake on a stick, covered in a frosting/candy shell. I got one of the tiramisu, and it was pretty much as expected. Very sweet, and the cake was on the underdone side. It was OK for free-to-me, but not as a paid-for item.

Pogo at Chop Suey (review)

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a show at the Chop Suey space before. On the way down, even though I looked up the address online, I was still thinking it was going to be the closer to the pike/pine/broadway side of madison, and so thought my parking space was horrible. When I realized it was the space across from Piecora, then I knew it was only a half-bad space.

By the time they opened the doors around 9, there was a small group waiting. I ended up being 3rd in the door, and so had the entire place to pick over for seating, but as soon as the club started filling up, and some really tall dude with a big head of fuzzy hair kept standing right in front of my view line, and I decided I wanted to get my groove on anyways, so moved up to stage right, which ended up being the perfect spot for all three acts.

The first opener was Absolute Madman, who performed a decent set of mashup/turntableism-y stuff. He had a few moments of discord between a couple of songs, but was otherwise quite good.

The second opener, Lynx, was amazing in one of those ways that I suspect I’ll end up following her stuff just as religiously as I have Pogo’s, if not more-so since her stuff is easier to listen to and keep track of since she’s got a few albums on Rhapsody for stream/purchase/etc. I do wonder how much she see’s from those plays, since it looks like rhapsody has another artist named lynx, mixed in with her.

By the time it was Pogo‘s turn, the place was fairly well packed and I was glad for my spot where no one could block my view. There was an interesting mix of people in terms of ages and apparent subculture affiliations. When a song would get to a shout-along point, they all knew the words and timing well, so definitely fans who wanted to be there, not people exploring a Thursday night with nothing else to do. He played lots of the tracks he’s well known for, and quite a few that I’d never heard/seen. Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, some RomCom with a guy/girl couple I didn’t recognize at all, a second song from Alice, but sadly not “Go Out and Love Someone”. It was funny listening to a couple of 20-something girls behind me going “WTF” at the H R Puffenstuff based song. Ah those crazy croft seventies.

I can’t wait for him to finish the trip to Tibet.

Judy Garland Christmas at Open Circle Theater

Monday, December 6th, 2010

A hopefully yearly tradition at Open Circle Theater, an ensemble cast recreates the infamous 1969 Judy Garland Christmas special. This year they offered a special pre-show-show with drinks and snacks, with “Judy” wandering through in full-on-drunken-stupor-character. There were quite a few people at the Breakfast with Judy pre-event, enough so that by the time “Judy” came in, everyone had broken up into little clique-circles and mostly ignored her, which kind of annoyed me, all the more so since I wasn’t in any of those cliques and was feeling somewhat bored waiting for things to start happening. The food was tasty =)

When the full show started, it was to an over-full house. Having never seen the TV show itself, I was often befuddled by some of the happenings on stage. After the played version, the second half of the show was watching the original video, with commentary by our “Judy”. Suddenly lots of jokes from the first half were layers of funny more so than they’d been on their own. “You thought we made that part up?”

Rocky Goes to Bollywood

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Checked out a new show at the Can Can, their take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They mix in a little bollywood, just for the quirk. I went to a 7:30 show this time. There wasn’t a bachlorette party, so things in the crowd were a little more sedate. Having a plot to follow made the show a little more narrative than last time. The cast size was the same, but they spent more time all on stage, having 3 Frankfurters at one point, and 4 or 5 pairs of Brad and Janet’s. During breaks, they would show a bollywood film in the background, it started with some sort of dream sequence involving tiki statues with flashing lights, goes thru an axe murder, and ends in a beach blanket bingo style number. Nobody spins from the ceiling like in Flux, but it was still a pretty entertaining show. At the 7:30 show, the VIP tix don’t come with alcohol, but do come with a 3 course meal. The soup was a savory vegetable concoction of some sort, I liked it. Got the broccoli salad, also tasty, with flavor completely devoid of my mortal enemy, vinegar. OK, not mortal enemy, I just don’t like it. =p The entree of my choice was the mac and cheese, this time if you picked mac and cheese, you didn’t get to pick from the three types, it was just the three cheese. Tasty as well, but not the chipotle cheddar I love so much. Can’t have everything I suppose.

Poona the Fuckdog (PR)

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Took some time sunday to check out Poona the Fuckdog, a very funny, very offensive play, currently showing in Seattle at the Open Circle theater.  The character names should give you a clue whether or not it’d be for you… let’s just say there aren’t any words they won’t say during this play. They do a delightfully twisted version of Who’s on First for one character’s name.  The whole play is full of short quick stories, all part of an overall theme of adult fairytale.  It was good enough, I want to go back and check it out a second time.  It’s the kind of play I wish more people would go see.  Heck, I may buy people tickets to get them to go see it.  Just not my parents.

Paddy Coyne’s

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Another day, another shepherd’s pie.  This one came with a couple of slices of bread, no salad, and left me overstuffed, with leftovers to take home.  Tastewise, it did a great job as well, a nice crusty surface for the potatoes, a good mix of meat and veggies for the insides.  Will be back.

Murphy’s Pub

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I’ve been hankering for the perfect shepherd’s pie, and trying out different ones about town, lately.  Sunday, I stop by Murphy’s Pub on my way home, figuring I’ll grab a quick bite, see how theirs is.  I go in, and the place is fairly quiet, as to be expected on the first sunny day about 70 we’ve had in quite some time.  I ask the bartendress for a menu, make my order, and get a drink to go with the meal once it comes, then start reading while I wait.  At 20 minutes of waiting, I start trying to get the bartendress’ attention without being too rude.  Around the 30 minute mark, she finally deigns to come over, and asks me if I want my check.  At this point, my drink is still sitting untouched and completely full in front of me.  I ask where my food is, and she gets all apologetic about forgetting to put the order in.  I understand things happen when you are busy, but the last half hour, I’ve watched her twiddling her thumbs; she’s not been slammed with customers.  grrr.

And after all that wait, it really wasn’t anything special for a shep’s pie.  They do put a lot of olives on the salad that comes with it, if you like that sort of thing, but for $12.95, the portion sized seemed kinda small.  Won’t be going back.