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Forget the name

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Imagine there was someone in your life you wanted to forget.
Imagine having finally gotten to the point where the memories, while not faded, aren’t in the forefront of your mind anymore.
Imagine starting a new job where the name you tried to forget is on your screen a thousand times a day.
Eventually you notice.

Pipes & Pizza

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

I had totally forgotten about how obsessed I used to be with Pipes-n-Pizza.  I always requested, “The Entertainer”.  There was another place from childhood party memories, a big indoor collection of carnival rides, I remember getting a wooden nickel every visit, but the name escapes me at the moment.

Keep the Iron Lady, but I want my Jiff back

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Annette Funicello is probably the first ‘celebrity’ I can remember, so it’s a sad day to hear that she has passed away.  I find it interesting that she first realized she was sick, way back during the filming of Back To The Beach.  I wonder how my mom feels today.

Billy Bragg @ the Neptune 4-3-2013

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Went to see Billy Bragg at the Neptune, last night.

I’ve been wanting to see him live, ever since that long-ago MTV 120 minutes, that ended with his Waiting For The Great Leap Forward.

Australian young man, Kim Churchill opened the evening, with passionate song playing and thoughtful lyrics.  He was an instant hit with the crowd; I’m sure his cute Brady-Bunch retro look helped =p.

When Billy got to the stage, it seemed like he has aged well.  As the night progressed, it’s clear he hasn’t lost any of his passion and intensity of feelings.  He bantered about politics, in between songs, and as they worked to fix a problematic monitor.  Over the course of the evening, he played several songs off the new album, and most of my favorites from the early era.

An overall good night.

Retro music, Retro fashion, Retro games

Friday, January 25th, 2013

I already mentioned their weird retro concert calendar coming up, (Suzanne Vega, Camper Van Beethoven, Dada), and today, there was a second free iPad game linked to a retro movie, this time Ghostbusters (the first one was a tie-in for the original War Games).  If you have eyes, you’ve seen the retro fashion return of neon colors =p

Remembering More Than Expected

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Somehow, the other day, I re-discovered The Hooters, “And We Danced”.  Probably some movie soundtrack.  Anywhoo, I rhapsody up their greatest hits, and as I’m listening to them, I have a sudden realization of misrememberance.  Sometime in the last year or so, I went through every track by Poco, that I could find, trying to remember what of theirs I used to listen to, when driving back and forth across Missouri, in high school.  I found a track I like, but never anything that sounded ‘right’ to my memories.  As the player moved from the first track to the second, recognition occurred, and I realized, I must’ve been listening to one of those walmart cassettes, that are one-band-per-side, with Poco on one, and the Hooters on the other, without noticing, back in the day.  d’oh on me.



Yeah, Karla With A K was a song I would listen to over and over again, even though it meant rewinding the cassette constantly.

Sad, old, news

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The other day, the P.M. Dawn song, Hale-Bopp Reguritations, came up on random, and worked its way into my short-term repeat playlist. With lines like,

Should have known not to throw away my records,
Should have known not to buy compact discs,

Should have known not to sex Amy Fisher

It keeps coming back into my mind, and I have to listen to it again. It’s the kind of thing that will probably drive people crazy in our new open office plan.

Today, I wondered where they are at these days. The last time I remember hearing about them in entertainment news, someone had attacked Prince Be, and the person reporting the news expressed incredulity that anyone could have a problem with such a kindly fellow. If only that was the worst turn in his life. Turns out he had a stroke, managing to win a charity performance contest despite being half-paralyzed, then had another stroke and gangrene that cost him half a leg. Never let it be said that diabetes can’t still be a dangerous disease, even with modern medicine.

There’s nothing more recent that 2006 on their wikipedia page.

Our Lady Peace in Seattle

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I noticed flyers yesterday, for an Our Lady Peace concert, at the Crocodile. It is the first band I’ve seen playing there, since they re-opened, that I would actually want to see. But the price is $30, and that’s just not going to happen. I don’t like them that much, for one thing, but more importantly, I can’t imagine any show that could fit into the Crocodile, that is worth $30. Maybe they really have spiffed things up enough inside to make it worth that sort of investment, but since they didn’t magically add 4,000 sq ft, I don’t see how.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I’d seen the hype, but wasn’t planning on getting around to reading it any time soon, until a friend put it on their top-10 of the year list. Ready Player One is a fun read, full of pop-culture references from childhood, most of which I got, but plenty I didn’t too. Never having been a fan of text adventures when they were new, the Zork bits just never clicked with me, but the Atari 2600 bits did, a little. One thing is clear, this is a book that will never be made into an official movie. Getting licenses for all the other-properties that appear in the text would be a nightmare-squared, between greedy owners and mysterious orphaned works. But about the time that we have an internet like they describe, making an unauthorized flick will probably be a simple task for the average desktop.


Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I have more than once, in the last week alone, noticed kids that probably weren’t even born yet when the album came out, wearing ‘home-made’ jean-jacket and cut-out t-shirt ‘patch’ combos of the iconic Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction tee.

I’m guessing they must be selling them at whatever hot-topic-alike the metal kids go to these days. The question is, do they actually like the music, or just the fashion?