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No cause for concern, just worries?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

I got a copy of my radiologists report for my latest arm x-rays, and feel somewhat confused by the following pair of lines,


progress toward healing is seen without evidence of complications. There is asymmetric 
widening of the lateral radiocapitellar joint as before which is concerning 
for ligamentous injury.

Theres no complications, but there is cause for concern?

Modern marvels of bandaging

Monday, May 6th, 2013

After a recent motorcycle accident, I’ve been dealing with a wounded knee, and the joys of trying to keep a moving joint clear and clean.  Two modern miracles of medicine have made this process much easier than it used to be.  The first is ‘the goop’ of modern antibiotic gels.  Keeping the damaged area moist yet free of infection has led to faster recovery and none of the itchy scabs of childhood.  But of course, to keep things moist, without turning into nastiness, means a bandage to cover the wound.  At far too large for any sort of band-aid, we are into the realm of rectangles of gauze and tape, which is where modern materials are again making the difference.  The non-stick pads are impressive in their ability to absorb body-fluids, and yet not pull away healing skin when their time is done, but the real ‘stars’ are the new non-stick tapes.  The first brand I bought was first-name (Johnson & Johnson), and seemed good enough, definitely not sticking to skin/hairs, and doing an OK job of being re-position-able, but with very strict parameters on re-use…even slight soiling left the tape unable to stick to itself again.  The second brand I tried was pharmacy-store-branded (Rite-Aid), and seemed equivalent to the name-brand; good for first usage, but of limited value for a second application.  The final brand I’ve tried is grocery-store-branded (Kroger), and is certainly the cheapest in many respects, and yet the most desirable for actual usage.  Unlike the more expensive brands, there’s zero possibility of re-using the tape, or even re-positioning a mistake during application; this tape practically fuses with itself, which means it stays on, but also means you can’t undo it without scissors….but it’s so cheap, it’s totally OK to toss after just one use.

Fetish or science?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Sometimes you see a research project, and you have to wonder if it was all just a big cover story for a strange fetish.   I can only imagine the conversations these guys had….

“Yeah, I want to swab your skin before and after every match.   For science.”

Eyes on hands

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I’m going to be looking at the hands of people I meet in the near future. If only I knew someone with a untreated cholesterol problem, to have a baseline comparator.

Back I go

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Headed back to the eye doctor today. Things had seemed to be getting better last week, though never quite back to 100%, but from yesterday to today, the eyelid has started getting red and puffy again, and I’m blinking through a haze of goop again.

Low, Very Low

Friday, July 13th, 2012

The next time a young doctor asks me if I have a high tolerance for pain, I’m going to reply,

“No, Low, VERY low”

The eye doc looked at my stye-eye, said it’s a chalazion. We can maybe do surgery, but first I’d like to try and express it (pop the zit as it were). I’m not keen on a needle near my eye, so I say pop away.

30 seconds later, I’m sweating, my hands are vibrating, and I’m seconds from passing out. I had 3 hours of tattooing done on my shin bone, and this was so much worse. By the time the intern realizes something is wrong, my pulse is down to 50. He puts the pressure cuff on me so tight, my hand suddenly locks into a splayed claw, and is not responding to any commands whatsoever, which kinda freaked me out. My pulse has dropped down to 50, and my diastolic pressure is down by 20, before finally coming back up to normal.

That was unpleasant.

They make me lay there, with my head below my heart, and go ahead and start dilating my eyes, since I’m gonna be immobile for a while anyways.

They see nothing else wrong, on the inside of the eye, and send me home to carry on as before and hope that the torture session helped. For some reason, they didn’t remember to give me any temporary shades, so the trip home, in our new sunshine, was nerve wracking. I could squint against the light for a few seconds at a time. Enough to see if a bus I wanted was stopping, navigate the sidewalk, and feed the cat.

But the eye does seem a little better today.

As an aside, I have to say how frustrating it was to have two eye doctors that should be able to look at my glasses and at least have a good notion of how little I can make out of them, trying to talk to me, without them on. I was also surprised to hear the first eye doc tell me how much ophthalmologists hate to fit glasses, and they suck at it anyways, so please don’t bother us, and use an optometrist instead. As someone with near-blind levels of near-sightedness, I always have to have my eye dilated and retina inspected for tearing, this seems like it would just mean two trips every time, one to get the prescription and one to verify the eye health.


Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

One doctor says the exact opposite of the other one, both send agree I should see a physical therapist who says something completely opposed to what both the doctors says, and that there’s really nothing he thinks he can accomplish. But he’ll still schedule a few more appointments, to make sure. And none of them find anything odd about how all these difficulties are single-sided, though the PT did confirm that I’m not crazy, and my right leg IS noticeably larger than the left. I had been thinking it was a sort of striped-shirt-style optical illusion, but when he pointed it out, I noticed that one looks larger than the other even from an angle where the tattoo isn’t visible.


Unwanted Hearings

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Things you do not want to hear at the doctor’s office,

“I don’t know how to use this x-ray machine”

followed by

“Oops, I made a mistake”

I’m sure it wasn’t anything too bad, just wasted film, but still, perceptions matter, etc.

Twist Lives

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

He’s home from the hospital and all full of radioactivity, so I’m supposed to limit my contact with him, but of course he’s extra needy from his first multi-night stay out of the house. He isn’t crying out all the time like before treatment though, so hopefully more important things are happening inside him, visible only through laboratory testing. Here’s hoping he’s around and annoying me in the mornings for years to come.

Karen Hulley, Nurse of Hate?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

A Seattle jury gave Karen Hulley a pass on her mistreatment of a gay couple.  From her own lawyer’s closing statements, it sounds like a clear cut case of discrimination, validated by a pathetic bunch of homophobic jurors.  If you were on that jury, you should be just as ashamed of yourself as the bigot Karen Hulley.  You let your personal small minded hate rule you, and you are a lesser person for it.  I hope someday you get treated with the love and respect you denied others, and that it opens your mind to just how terrible you have behaved.  If you have Karen Hulley for a nurse, I would worry about your safety.  Someone willing to put her own hate above the care of a dieing patient isn’t someone you should trust your life to.  I wouldn’t trust Karen Hulley with a bag of shit.