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Yelling at the tide

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

When a musician complains about people recording their shows and sharing it on youtube, I can’t help but picture a petulant child, yelling at the tide, as it washes away her sand castle.  There is no doubt you built a thing of beauty, but the world is always changing, and if you make a stand in the path of progress, there is likely to be little left but momentary ripples in the waves, as the future passes you by.  The world will not reshape it’s path to your will, it won’t for any artist, in any medium (fine-art, 3d-printing is coming for you next… in less than 10 years from now, everyone will be wearing cameras capable of building hyper-accurate 3-d models just walking around a museum or gallery, if not sooner).  And yet there are others who survive and thrive in this new world.  You can learn from them, adapt and embrace, or you can continue to stand in the sand, as your dreams melt around your feet, yelling at the tide.

The Vogels

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Watched an interesting documentary last night, on a pair of art collectors, Herb & Dorothy Vogel.  I got many things out of the film.  Firstly, I really want to live in New York City someday.  Secondly, I should get out to more gallery opening.  and thirdly, medical science had better be ready to give me forty more years, once I finally meet my lifemate.

And to not be afraid to buy art you don’t get, for yourself, and to let it grow on you.