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May the fourth be full of Lego

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Lego is having a sale on Star Wars toys, in honor of May The 4th Be With You. The Super Star Destroyer is 80 bucks off?! Of course that still leaves it above 300 bucks. d’ohwell.


Friday, March 16th, 2012

It occurs to me, as the washing machine is making the noise that says ‘replace me soon’…because I built the Lego display area as one long interlocking set of metal shelves, I’m going to have to take everything down, if I am ever to get a washer/dryer in and out of the laundry room. d’oh.

Two Baby Weekend

Monday, February 27th, 2012

While I was busy playing with Lego, one pair of friends was having a grandchild, and a co-worker was having his child as well.

Idea leads to problem

Friday, February 17th, 2012

I have an idea for a lego project, THX-1138 Special Edition (with Jar-Jar). The problem is, to do any real depth to the parody, I would have to re-watch THX-1138.


2001, 2010, Lego

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Underwhelmed with the remaining choices in Lego Star Wars sets, I did a curiosity google search, and found out that not only has someone done Discovery from 2001, complete with instructions and parts list, they did the Leonov from 2010 as well. Clocking in at 6 feet long, it would dwarf even the Super Star Destroyer. I wasted a couple hours, trying to price out the parts list; one store had 85% of the parts required, with some color substitutions, generating a total over $320.00. Even with the most optimistic guestimation of the remaining require bricks, it would probably be close to a $400 build.

So, about the same price as the Super Star Destroyer, but somewhat cooler.

He also had a design and parts list for a mini blockade runner, which I did go ahead of buy the bricks for (took 6 stores to cover all the parts in the correct colors), but a lot cheaper.

Super Weekend Wrapup

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Completed the Star Destroyer, and a Republic Frigate. Determined this morning, if I want to create a set of accompaniments for the Destroyer, he needs 76 Tie Fighters, 4mm long, if they are to be to scale. So, even mini lego models would be outsized. It occurs to me, if I were really a nerdy nitpicker, I’d calculate out whether or not the Falcon really could hide on the back of a Destroyer’s bridge…done, looks like a scale Falcon would be .85 inches on the longest side, or as Wolfram Alpha helpfully tries to make visualizable, 0.42 AA battery lengths. Without the model at hand, and the applicable DVD scene freeze framed, it does seem plausible.

Watched the last half of Robin Williams’ Popeye, found out the soundtrack is available on Rhapsody =)
Watched most of Resident Evil: Afterlife, can’t believe they are up to five movies, that I have found reasonably entertaining, out of a video game I never was even remotely interested in.

I watched some Super Bowl commercials, in between all the rest. And made tasty nachos.

Weekend in review

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Built 2 small Lego sets, and one medium large kit.

Watched Captain America, The Green Lantern, Cowboys & Aliens, and the final Harry Potter.
Re-watched Down Periscope, hi there Patton Oswalt, being all quiet and background-y.

Cowboys and Aliens was an OK movie, probably a good flick for the big screen, just an OK flick for a home theater of less than heroic proportions. Plot holes the size of a bus, character’s whose primary motivations change on whims, and lots of stuff blown up real good. And grit, lots of grit. Sometimes I thought Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were having a squinting contest.

Captain America was similarly engaging entertainment, fun in the moment, but nothing that will stick with me, beyond a vague sense of contented satiety.

The final Harry Potter, I will need to rewatch more than once, while not primarily occupied with Lego construction. It seemed to tie everything together, killing off characters left and right, while leaving some unscathed for the final epilogue scene, I’m sure satisfying in it’s mundane suburban fantasy to most fans, but for someone without the path of kids and family before them, it seems childish and hollow. Which is probably a good thing.

The Green Lantern was the least engaging of the weekend’s entertainments, with the oddly reminiscent of the second new Hulk film’s disfigured scientist sub-plot. Like many super-hero films, without a proper grounding in the mythos, too much of the film comes across as contrived and artificial. And the you-know-they-won’t-make-a-sequel-now, kiss of death, setup for the next crisis ending. I’m still waiting for the second Flash Gordon film; by the time they get to covering who picked up Ming’s ring, we might have the technology to bring back Freddie Mercury for the soundtrack album.

Well now what?

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Just discovered that the Taj Mahal is the largest Lego set available at retail, so now where can I go from here? I sure as heck ain’t spending 2-grand on a collectible Star Destroyer.

I wonder how much it would cost to reproduce the set with the Lego Pick a Brick service.

Keeping Busy

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

In addition to my Lego work over the holiday season, I also managed to finally get all my musical keyboards setup again, well 99% setup. I need to stop by the store for some more patch cables, in theory, but practically, I don’t pre-program enough stuff that I’d ever have all three machines making noises at the same time. And I could just multi-track the individual instruments in editing.

I do need to pick up some vertical support bars for the extra set of wire rack shelves, to build a little sound isolated zone in the room for recording vocals with. Thinking it’s quiet enough in that room, I just need a simple set of blankets to stop the fan noise from getting in.

I think I’ve finally reached the tipping point in the new place, where enough stuff is put away or gotten rid of, that there’s space to work on the projects that have been backing up for years.

Starting the Taj Mahal

Monday, December 26th, 2011

I’ve started work on the LEGO Taj Mahal that’s been sitting on a shelf waiting for me, for a while now. And on step 7 of sub-section 1, of book 1, I’m stuck with 4 missing pieces. Given that there are 5922 parts total, it seems odd to have been blocked so soon. Surely there is just a parts baggie I haven’t gone through correctly. I sure hope so, or this is gonna be really annoying.

UPDATE: As suspected, it’s more a matter of finding pieces, than actually missing. At least, I hope so, I’m down to only one missing pieces, but it’s unique, so I figure I may not be able to find it until the unused pile gets much smaller. I completed six elements (minus the one piece, but it’s in a facade area I should be able to fix once I find Mr. AWOL Tan 8×2, without major reconstruction), and assembled them into the base courtyard area.
This morning I got 85% of 4 minarets done, before I came into work. So far, twist has been good about leaving the parts alone; will have to monitor him today remotely, see if he stays good =p

Pics coming soon.