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Watching Xanadu

Monday, May 27th, 2013

As I’m sitting inside, watching another excellent biking day go by, I happened across Xanadu, a 1980 musical film, with Gene Kelly, Olivia Newton-John, and lots of roller skating.  I remember loving the movie when it first came out, listening to the soundtrack over and over, and imagining that someday I’d get to go out to a night club like that.

Now, as I’m watching the big grand opening musical number, all I can think of is the liability issues of having drunk people, on skates, with rotating platforms, and multiple levels of floor space.  I remember a DJ friend, who had taken over an old bank space in St Louis, who’d built a special dance floor in the middle of the fountain, complete with a strobe light in the floor.  He found amusement in the number of people who’d fall in the water when the strobe went off.  The days before ubiquitous cellphones =p

I still enjoyed most of the musical numbers, and wonder if DJ Earworm has ever seen the live mashup number, with sliding stages.

I had forgotten how much of the film takes place on skates; I did remember how much I wanted skates after it came out, and how I’d wear them everywhere/when I could.

Yelp Nerdy Dancing Killed My Knee

Monday, April 1st, 2013

And I’m good with that =p

I’d never been to Q nightclub before.  Generally, I avoid any kind of place that has a line outside and a bouncer deciding who gets to come in, and when.  But the previous Yelp parties I’ve been to have been interesting, so I figured it was worth a shot.  Most importantly, it was a chance to go dancing before 10pm.  I’ve been grumbling, mostly to myself, at how there aren’t any dancefloors that get truly moving, anywhere before past my bedtime, and here was a chance to dance, that started at 6.  Of course, I didn’t manage to make it down till 8 (and hooray for free rides from sidecar, yet another taxi alternative), so by the time I got there, some of the cooler freebies were all given out, but they were still doing $1 drink tokens to benefit the charity of the evening, and the club was reasonably packed and groovin.

I’d wandered around, found a clear spot along one wall, where I could set down my jacket and drink, and leaned against the wall, intending to do some dancing eventually, but planning on getting a little drink on first.  A few minutes later, one of a crowd of ladies dancing nearby asked me why I wasn’t dancing, so I put down the drink and did some funking, and really didn’t stop until I was ready to leave, just like back in the days.   One hot looking guy came up and complimented my dancing, but since he spent his night bumping and grinding one girl in particular, I’m pretty sure it was just a compliment, not a come-on =p

At one point the girl who got me to start dancing marvels that I’m still going strong, and gives me one of the blinking light foam bat toys, to dance with (I had been wondering if I was going to have to wait around till the end of the night, and then collect one off the floor, to get one, squee).

As the Yelp-sponsored part of the evening draws to a close, I know my window of opportunity to get a free ride is closing, and my knee is starting to let me know that, while it hasn’t dropped me to the floor yet, it’s pretty damn close, and since the place seems to be clearing out, I go ahead and head home.

It subtly bugs me, as I’m waiting outside for my sidecar pickup, that despite the fact that the club was starting to get emptied out, inside, the bouncer is letting a big line build up outside.  Any thoughts I had about going back to Q were kinda squashed at that point.

There’s a small bit of confusion, because the sidecar guy is driving a different kind of car from the one his profile says, but he gets me where home reasonably quickly, and again the ride was on Yelp.

The sidecar experience….interesting.  The first guy was friendly and personable, with free waters.  He managed to slightly miss my driveway, but since I live on a major highway, and he was only 30 yards down at the next available turn-off spot, it wasn’t a major hassle.  The second guy seemed like a traditional taxi driver, in personality and driving style.  I noticed a group of people, also getting free sidecar rides, were getting into some kid’s modified Subaru, and wonder what their ride was like.  It certainly seems like their dispatch process is faster than traditional taxi; I don’t ride enough taxis to know where their pricing fits in, and it isn’t clear if the suggested donation already includes a reasonable tip for average service, or if the base donation is for bare-minimum service, and one should expect to always be adding on an appropriate tip.  Given that you don’t get any opportunity to provide feedback of any kind on the free rides, I dunno how a ride you actually pay for works.  Will have to try it eventually.

WTF Wednesday @ The Can Can

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Having gotten my dance-watching-whistle partly-whetted last weekend, I came out for the weekday Castaways show. For a change, I didn’t buy a VIP seat, and instead did the back-of-the-bar standing room zone, though since the place was not too busy, there were plenty of places to sit, even in the bar. I guess Wednesday night isn’t a big bachelorette party night, so when it came time to bring someone on stage for embarrassing, it was a guy from a couple in the VIP section, who got an impromptu sexy dancing lesson. Interesting to me, it seems like this show features more guy-action than the other shows, including a piece that ends with assless-chaps style butt visibility.

I also found it interesting, on a much more personal note, that one of the dancers looks like he might have a lipoma, similar to my own, in almost the exact same spot. Of course his looks a lot better in context, surrounded by rippling muscles.

Flammable at Rebar == fun

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Having no costume parties to attend, I ended up going out dancing at ReBar for Halloween night.  Didn’t even make a half-ass costume attempt, just wore the evil-o-meter t-shirt.  Ended up getting down there a few minutes before doors opened.  I could have sworn they were open as a regular bar prior to shows, but guess not.  Nothing like wandering around downtown Seattle for 15 minutes at night.

I really should ask my bartender friends what it means when the bartender leaves your tip on the bar until you walk away.

Most of the people were in costume of one level 0r another, some extensive.  There was a guy dressed as a package of ZigZag rolling papers.  I had a really good time, while my knee lasted, which was longer than I expected, but less than I would have liked.  It didn’t help that dancing really didn’t start till a good hour after door opened.  Still better than sitting at home watching TV.