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The data was dirty

Friday, February 19th, 2016

This was so long ago, shipping estimates were 6-8 weeks, and people didn’t complain, much.

I’d been brought in around week 5.  The process of turning information into data was destructive, so we couldn’t ask them to regenerate it, but what they had sent us was…of poor quality.  The language the client wanted to use to process the data back into information, didn’t have a raw file I/O library.  It had an import facility, but it required strict formatting, and crashed every time it ran across a single record that didn’t match.  Every record was a person who was waiting for something to arrive, so it couldn’t just be lost.

But I had an idea.  Just tell the import facility, every row was a record, as one entire piece, and fuzzy parse them after they’d been loaded.

And it worked, there was much rejoicing, I even got a car.

Just a model, but still.