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Fake Space Needle Views

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

If you ever watched the TV show, Frasier, and lived in Seattle, you might have noticed that he had an impossible view of the Space Needle.  There simply aren’t any high rise condo buildings close enough to provide the view he had, nor would they have also been facing downtown, etc etc.

It happens a lot in advertising as well.  I just saw a car ad that used an impossible shot of their car on the lawn at Gas Works park, with a clearly visible base of the Space Needle, in the background, and a funky mix of different slices of real and fake Queen Anne, blended together into a visual that, at least for me, completely took me out of the headspace of the car, and off into thinking about what that view actually looks like….you can see the top of the Needle, for sure, but trees obscure a good third of the tower, depending on your angle.

The better I get, the faster I’ll stop needing to use what I’ve learned

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

It is a strange position to be in, learning a new technology with the end goal of never using it again.

Or is it annoying.