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There’s an app for that

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

It seems like we are starting to get to an age where everything is getting turned into a service, with attached app. I’m still waiting for the app that links dog-less-but-loving people, with dog-having-but-busy people, to fill the need for something less than full on doggie day car, and more “I need a half hour with you out from under my feet, buddy”. If there’s any service I would pay Facebook for, it’d be managing a Christmas card service. They link up with Hallmark, perhaps you go in store to pick out the cards, then drop them in a little kiosk that takes care of addressing and postage. The birthday reminder service that Facebook has certainly increased the number of people I ‘greet’ exponentially. Of course if, like me, you give it fudged data, the reminders come in a little off sometimes, but prices must be paid to take advantage of the modern e-conomy, and maintain a sliver of privacy.

Am I still here?

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Am I still here,
Am I still out and about
Am I still breathing
Ask me and find out