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Maybe it’s different for you

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Maybe it’s different for you, but for me, dating as a gay man, I’ve come to the conclusion that every horrible thing you’ve ever heard of a guy doing to get a girl in the sack, a gay man will do to another, and more. It comes from living outside the ‘norm’, I think. If some guy attacked my sister, my father would retaliate. When some guy took me out into the woods, dumped me in a river, and left me for dead, I’m not sure dad even called to see how I was recovering. None of my friends came to town to track the guy down, on a Hollywood-esque mission of vengeance. One guy did come out, but he just wanted to take advantage of my vulnerability to scam a free vacation out of me.

How many times?

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

How many times
Do you go back
To the place
Where no one cares you’re there?

How many times
Do you go back
To the man
Who doesn’t care about your heart?

How many times
Do you make the same mistakes
Retracing the failures of yesterday
As if a new outcome is possible?

How many times
Do you keep on trying
When you have no hope
And no faith in a future?

Western recruits

Friday, September 5th, 2014

When I hear about westerners who have joined the fight in the Middle East, against the West, I can’t help but think of Beetlegeuse…the West will never just walk away from equity.