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The Hiss

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

At the start of Guardians of the Galaxy, there is a moment of nostalgia, for anyone who grew up with an actual tape based Walkman; that hiss when you cranked it all the way up, for that song in that moment, where it didn’t matter that it didn’t sound ‘right’, it felt better louder, somehow.

Like birthday sex

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Seattle’s erotic bakery is closing, according to the news.


Eating a “snowman with penis” cupcake was usually as close as I get to birthday sex.

Goodbye Meetup

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

I have removed myself from all my meetup groups.  I never went to their events anyways.  But that’s not why I finally got around to unsubscribing from their messages; it was their announcement that, just like Facebook’s lame new app, they are trying to build yet another isolated messaging system.  Like people don’t already have some way of getting in touch with each other?  I get the desire to have ‘private’ conversations with fellow group members, I just despise the balkanization of the internet, where every app or website wants it’s own fully integrated duplications of existing functionality, for no other reason than short sighted greed.

On the other hand, it does provide opportunity for some kid to code up an app that links the multiple messaging systems together, and become an overnight app-store millionaire.

I call myself a name that is not mine

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

I call myself a name that is not mine


When all I do is hope, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary,

for no rational reason

I have continued to hope

to dream

to look on joy and feel loss

as if joy was ever going to be mine

as if hope was ever going to make a difference

Maybe it’s time

to give up

on hoping

to give up

on dreaming

Plenty of work to be done


Is Jon Belmar a deliberate racist or just willfully incompetent?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

It seems unlikely that Jon Belmar is unaware that standard procedure for a murder investigation involves arresting the shooter, until the investigation is complete. At least that’s how he has his own department operate, when a civilian is accused. Funny how he as a different set of rules for fellow officers, even when overwhelming evidence points to a crooked cop. It almost like he isn’t being truthful about his intentions for the investigation.

Given that protecting a murderous cop is costing the city of Ferguson thousands in overtime hours and property damage, it’s hard to imagine that any official is acting with good faith.

Does Hulu plus hurt artists more than it helps?

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

I can’t be the only person who feels ‘morally’ obligated to refuse to give money to Hulu, to insert ads into shows you can see elsewhere for free, without any advertising.  So I have to wonder, if any data nerds have monitored the effect of a show moving from truly-free online-via-network’s on site, to Hulu’s horrible advertising wasteland.  I suspect that shows ‘exclusive’ to Hulu have a significantly higher piracy rate than any other form of distribution, simply out of spite at their horrific business practices, and complete moronic insistence on selling a lesser product, for less money, only, instead of offering multiple, sane, tiers of service, that people have continually begged for.


I’d pay double, maybe even quadruple their current fee, if there was actually a value in the ‘plus’, but as they are now, I can only despise them for the arrogant idiots they are, but given who they are owned by, forward thinking decision making would be a new thing for them.