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Someplace to sit

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

It occurs to me, now that I have a view worth looking at, I really need something to sit in, that sits high enough to see the view properly.

2nd Kickstarter completion

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Haley Harris & Ben Nippes just sent out the link for the album I helped fund, Whirlwind. It turned out really nice, a short simple affair full of passion, reminding me of summer loves I’ve never even had, sometimes hopeful, sometimes sad, but always quite tuneful. Still waiting to find out which song they end up covering.

PAX Prime 2011 – OnLive

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Easily the best giveaway this year is the OnLive game system, though it comes at the price of the most annoying line. Because it is so popular, the line reaches a point where it interferes with safety and traffic, and they have to cap it, so everyone who tries to get in line gets turned away until they reopen the line. So what ends up happening is that the smart people just start milling around and forming a proto-line on the other side of the corridor until a re-open occurs, whereupon they all smoosh over to the other side. I played the game, and got the system, woo hoo.

Plugged it in once I got home, had a few quirks during setup. One port on my router is dead, and I accidentally plugged the system into it during the first attempt, so even after I noticed and plugged it into a working port, I still had to unplug power to the game system before it would work on the network. But once I got past those problems, I was impressed with the quality of what I was seeing. As I suspected, the 9.99/month plan doesn’t include all the games they advertise having most heavily, but it does have some a-list titles, if not in genre’s I usually go for. And the non-plan games list has some interesting stuff. I played 20/30 minutes of my free-trial on Dirt 3, and was amazed at the graphics quality, no noticeable lag between my inputs and the game’s response, even though I was busy uploading the pics I took to flickr at the same time. I found a game on sale for under 3 bucks that looked nifty, found out that you can’t really hot-plug keyboard and mouse when the marketplace said I needed them before I should purchase the game (one of those quirks above), but after a reboot, the game purchase went through well enough. The game does look as cool as it did during the trailers, but the mouse sensitivity is WAY WAY WAY too low, and there’s no settings to adjust for it, so actually playing the game is way harder than it should be. One of the cool things about OnLive is that any game you buy, or plan you subscribe to, is available on any platform they support, presumably only one instance at a time. So I thought I had the obvious solution to the UI issue, my ipad, but annoyingly, it’s not a game the support on that platform. It ended up being playable on my iMac though, so all is well that ends well, on that front.

But all that is just preamble to my realization of the eve. There are a ton of games that I see coming out all the time, that look really cool, but I could never play well enough to enjoy like they should be. But with OnLive, I don’t have to. I can watch someone else playing games, in spectator mode, and it’s the same quality as if I was playing it, without the carpal tunnel. And that part is completely free. All I have to do is friend some people who are good at the games I want to see played, but suck at, like BioShock, and coordinate my watching with their playing. Lazy man’s gaming at it’s finest. =p

I should send my nephew an OnLive box and some credits for Christmas.

UPDATE: OnLive says they don’t support gifting games or subscriptions yet. But they did send me a promo code for another free system, so I will somehow survive.

Um, No Thanks

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

There are a lot of booths at PAX this year that offer you free stuff if you like them on facebook. They have a laptop setup and ready for you to login to facebook from, so they can see you do the liking in realtime. I’m just not that into using my credentials on a machine of unknown provenance. I’m not assuming any sort of ill-intent on the part of the game devs offering this, but rather wondering how well they are protecting the machines from being used as trojans by a 3rd party.

I wonder if they would accept watching me do the like on my own device.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Cat on the couch
Always asleep
Wonder if
Your thoughts are deep
A world awaits
A window away
Yet here is where
You spend your day
Deep inside a dream
Perhaps you fly


Monday, August 15th, 2011

I even remember now, seeing a bus poster for the Seattle Tattoo Expo, just the other day, but I got distracted with the continuing adventures of settling in. Oh well, plenty of other things to take pictures of, and years more ahead.

Now THAT is cool

Friday, August 12th, 2011

One of the “identify this song” apps, soundhound, added a new feature to the latest release that displays the lyrics to songs it identifies…IN TIME to the song, a sort of personal karaoke machine. As someone with a long standing history of loudly singing the completely wrong lyrics, or worse, completely inappropriate but accurate lyrics without realizing the actual words, I look forward to integrating this into my daily life.

Quirk Classics

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Zombies started it all, and now a kitten replaces a cockroach in the intriguing The Meowmorphosis, best of all, the kindle version is only 99-cents, versus 11 bucks for the paperback.

Unwanted Hearings

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Things you do not want to hear at the doctor’s office,

“I don’t know how to use this x-ray machine”

followed by

“Oops, I made a mistake”

I’m sure it wasn’t anything too bad, just wasted film, but still, perceptions matter, etc.

“Perfect for Night Blogging”

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Get your own Party Rats Finger Lights, “perfect for night blogging”. Yeah, that’s what the kids are doing at those all night parties you hear about, in horrified tones, on your local news. Not dancing around. Nope, dancing is so 20th century. =p