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Stupid Sony

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

I have never bought anything on the PSN system (hell, I don’t play games on my ps3 at all), but they made you give them a card during sign up, and so I’ve had to trash my oldest credit card. I’ve had that number memorized since college, oh well. Change is good, or something.

SUV vs Motorcycle @ South Lake Union

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
SUV vs Motorcycle @ South Lake Union by Xymon
SUV vs Motorcycle @ South Lake Union, a photo by Xymon on Flickr.

2 seconds before impact, I notice this motorcycle driving along Westlake and think to myself, “that’s a more dangerous street than I’m willing to drive on, on 2 wheels”.

The Mold Strikes Again

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Another respiratory funk, ‘thankfully’ it’s only a very painful sore throat that hasn’t moved into my ears this time, yet. I wonder if hot chocolate is good or bad for whatever it is.

VMWare EasyInstall is full of fail

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Usually I do all my VM-ing with LabCenter, an ESX cluster, and a local install of Server. Recently for a group learning event at work, we were tasked with pre-building some VMs using Player. One of the two VMs is based on Ubuntu, so the Create VM wizard helpfully auto-selected it for EasyInstall, which is where things go wrong. EasyInstall prompts me for all the info it’s supposed to use during the install process, which it then throws away into the ether I guess, because the Ubuntu installer asked the same questions. Best part is, giving both prompts the exact same initial username and password, I ended up with an install that didn’t recognize the login credentials I had been supplied.

So, I’m deleteing the ‘easyinstall’-ed VM and starting from scratch. When it auto-detects Ubuntu and wants to EasyInstall, I’m saying no and selecting manually install later. Like 5 seconds later, but whatever. Personally, I wish VMWare would allocate their developer resources to fixing bugs, instead of introducing new bugs for functionality that I wouldn’t have found helpful even if it really worked. It replaced 3 prompts with 3 prompts, there’s no savings in effort or time. What a waste.

My mother would have killed me

Monday, April 18th, 2011
Wider view of the rockin bike thing by Xymon
Wider view of the rockin bike thing, a photo by Xymon on Flickr.

if I had ever even looked at something like this, my mom would have killed me. If I’d sneaked around to use it anyways, I probably would have killed myself. And it would have been worth it.

Totally Extreme!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

For all the talk of kids these days being over-protected, over the weekend I found a bike playground so dangerous I hurt myself just taking pictures of it. Raised wooden platforms, banked turns around and through tree stumps, narry a sign of padding anywhere just a warning marking the course as “intermediate” and “no alternate routes are provided

G1 failure mode

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Sigh, boy am I wishing for the iPhone’s plug-and-play backup and restore system.

Before lunch today, my G1 had been running slower and slower as of late, taking literal minutes between closing an app and fully displaying the home screen, so I shut down the phone.

When I started the phone back up, it didn’t seem to be acting much better, if not worse. Then I noticed that the home key had stopped working completely, and the menu displayed on a long press of the hang-up key only showed “power off”, completely missing the options for silent and airplane modes. What’s more, mounting the SD card caused the phone to play a ringtone until the phone was shutdown again. Googling around suggests the only fix is to reset the phone to factory condition and reload all your apps/contacts/etc.

So, I did the reset, said ‘yes’ to all the ‘destroy your data’ prompts, and sure enough, once it rebooted, the phone was working better, albeit without anything on it. And of course Namco isn’t giving away pac-man anymore, asking $4.99 for what used to be free.

Having a headache from the near constant sneezing fits I’ve been having today isn’t helping my mood any.

UPDATE: ARGH squared. Trying to re-install apps, started with Google Voice, the phone just reset itself.

Rocky Horror at OCT

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Went and saw the 4pm Sunday production of Rocky Horror at the Open Circle Theater in Belltown. The show was sold out, with a fair number of people paying for the upgraded ‘VIP’ experience. In the end, we didn’t get any special seating, but we did get a couple of crackers and a handful of cheese, with our bubbly. Our ‘surly’ service was amusingly provided by Magenta (Terri Weagant), who also provided the title song. I found it especially amusing to overhear one guy, before they’d opened up the house for seating, asking his date, “so, I’ve never seen the movie, what’s this all about anyways?” Then again, I didn’t get to see it in a theater with all the trimmings when it would have been age appropriate myself either.

They used a live band, complete with Theramin. At times, they overpowered the on-stage singers, but eventually the sound guy found a zone where things seemed to be working OK.
Andrew Murray was a very sexy Rif Raf, must catch him in more productions where skin will be involved =p He does a very good sneer and leer. Josh Hartivgson’s Frank N Furter was interesting. He made a suitably shocking transvestite, tall and decidedly masculine no matter what he was wearing. Full of enthusiasm for the part, he made a good centerpiece for the production. Tadd Morgan and Monica Wulzen provided good straight-men performances as Brad and Janet, and Peter Farrar was definitely a well-muscled Rocky.

There’s blood on the stage when Eddie (Billy Hollman) makes his brief appearance, and again when the bag of what’s left stops by, and lots more when the end comes to the aliens left on earth, leading to a perfectly placed puddle for the final spotlight to iris into darkness upon.

An excellent production of a classic musical tale, all involved performed admirably. I was suitably entertained for sure.

Ceann – Blame The Viking

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Who left the car in neutral, before it rolled away?
You blame me, and I blame the viking… listens!?!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

When I went to try and visit the website earlier today, from a text-only browser, I was getting forced onto the mobile version of their site, even when clicking the link that claimed to lead to “full version”. In an unexpected turn of events, emailing their generic “Comments” contact link actually fixed the problem, with the guy who answered writing back, after fixing the problem, in less than an hour.

Compare and contrast with the effectiveness of writing directly to the news department, when the situation in Egypt was building, and they had no obvious major story about it. The editorial staff were unhelpfully arrogant and assumed that just because they had pushed the “publish it” button on their side, and it was visible with their internal browser, that it had also made it to the production site.