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New iTunes, new error message

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

So, apple still hasn’t fixed the problem with trying to download a bunch of app updates at once, but with today’s update, they also created a new bug.  Now, when I click on “get update” for a single app, it starts downloading the update, but also sends me to a page that says, “XXX ( has no updates currently available.  To check for updates for another account, sign in with that account.”

You can tell this error was missed because they did their testing on a very fast network (or with very small apps), as the error screen goes away as soon as the update finishes downloading.  So at least the updates are getting applied.  One at a very f-ing slow time.

Minor Update:  It’s funny, this morning, I was about to post about how iTunes had finally managed to fix it’s grabbing-focus issues, but of course this update started grabbing focus during the “updating itunes library” phase. d’ohwell.

UPDATE2:  I could have sworn I had some audible books here at work, but there aren’t any here.  We’ll see what happens at home when I update there.  I’m also not a fan of the new “pause/stop” item at the top of the right click menu.  Talk about solving a problem that didn’t exist, while creating a new one.  There’s never a time where right clicking twice to stop a track is faster/easier than clicking the stop button once.  If only stupid itunes didn’t lock up every 5 minutes to admire the size of my library or whatever the hell it’s doing.  Putting “stop” on a right-click context menu doesn’t do much when the app doesn’t register any mouse clicks for a month.

UPDATE3:  I must’ve been streaming audiobooks here at work, ’cause the ones in the library at home just migrated from audiobooks to books.  The focus theft is still annoying.

Karaoke Night at Claire’s

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Nothing starts the night off right like having someone you call a friend tell you how much they liked the date they saw you with last, the one who could care less that you exist now.  Thanks, I feel so much better about being rejected now that I know you think they were nice.

Trashed my throat doing Louie-style “What a wonderful world”, then sang the Simon and Garfunkel style of “Bye  Bye Love”, to the Eisley Brother’s karaoke version with said-same-friend.  Going to be paying for that Louie-style I think.  It seemed to catch people off guard and amuse.  I’ll have to try it at Changes some night.

Trip to the Zoo

Saturday, March 20th, 2010


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Took the camera to the zoo today. This guy was chilling, looking kinda bored with it all.

Shilelagh Law – Half The Bottle Down (AR)

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Shilelagh Law – Half The Bottle Down

A very nicely boisterous album of celtic folk, it puts me to mind of a mix somewhere between Amadan and Altan.  I’m pretty sure I actually found them because I was looking for other people’s versions of “Big Strong Man”, and while I still prefer the one by Stone Soup Band, their version of “Tell Me Ma” is worth at least 3 listens so far =p

Sally Gardens/Joe Cooley’s – an instrumental number, fast paced drums and flute, a good song for dancing

Muirsheen Durkin/Whiskey in the Jar -Nice and rollicking versions of both

A couple slow songs I skipped.  Overall, well worth the emusic credits I spent.

Dirty Epics – Straight In No Kissing (AR)

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Straight In, No Kissing [Explicit]

The first song I’d heard from this band was the cool video for Pony by the same guy that did a nifty animation for Big Rock Candy Mountain, a nice hard driving tune.  The rest of the album has a similar level of energy, with the female singers voice reminding me of The Sounds, just a little grittier.   Recommended.

First Kiva Repayment

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Got notification from Kiva that I’d gotten my first repayment credit.  One of my two loans has paid back 6% of my investment, and on time.  I went ahead and just donated the balance back to kiva for it’s own support.  It’s not all GRAR and pretty pictures.

Photo Safari – St Patty’s Run

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I was headed downtown sunday to breakfast at the hurricane, when I spotted the st patty’s day run, and made a side trip to take some pictures.

There were guys in green full-body spandex suits that I saw a couple of times, the last group of walkers, some people in ‘costumes’ like a bathrobebarrels of Guinnessmohawk’d guys with cases of beer strapped to their backs, and some guy who just wanted to walk his dog in peace, and at least 1 runner who didn’t seem to be wearing any green at all. 99 was full of pedestrians in both directions well past the sky-bridge to work.

Broken VW Key Fob

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Broken VW Key Fob

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Sometimes there’s a downside to technology. I suspect you could still use the key to my ’76 Ford Torino, if I still had it, when it was 10 years old. VW wants between $77-135 for a new key. If only I hadn’t sent the other original key thru the washing machine 5 years ago, and have no clue where it is now.

Rock Sugar arrives

Friday, March 12th, 2010

My Rock Sugar – Reimaginator CD arrived yesterday.  Listening through the whole album for the first time so far.  The joke hasn’t worn thin yet, here’s hoping it has the longevity I think it will.