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Kindle DX, now with pre-dead battery

Friday, November 20th, 2009

So, I’m guessing that perhaps the Kindle DX isn’t selling as quickly as the regular kindle.

I guess this because the one my mom just bought me, happy birthday to me oi oi oi, won’t charge it’s battery.  It’s acting like it sat in a warehouse with a partial charge so long, the battery has a memory.  Or mabye I was just lucky enough to get a defective unit.  I’m following the instructions from the first line of support.  We shall see.

It is friggin huge, compared to the original.  Haven’t yet tried a PDF on it.  Have to find one that isn’t just pictures….then again, it’d be nice if the MAD magazine Official PDFs worked with it.

UPDATE: Oh the life of a tech support drone, having to follow a script, even when it’s obvious the device has a hardware fault.  So, in addition to having to redownload my books, and reconvert the personal documents–not paying to resend them again, we’ll see about getting a credit for that bit when we proved the battery is pre-toasted–I have to wait Another 3 hours to prove to them it still doesn’t charge.

UPDATE2:  Well, another charge cycle attempt ends in failure, but at least the new kindle is one the way, and ranting politely got me a $20 credit for future purchases.  shrug.  I’d rather have the working kindle now, but Monday is better than nothing.

UPDATE3:  Oh come on!  I thought everything was golden yesterday, well as golden as it can be with a lost weekend of reading.  Then I get an email from amazon, “congratulations, we have shipped your order.  for a kindle dx COVER.”   It’s like they are trying to make this the worst kindle shopping experience ever.  If we believe the latest support droid, the replacement kindle will still be here on monday.  I’m not holding my breath.

UPDATE4:  The nightmare continues.  Turns out this droid shipped the kindle alright, to my mother’s house in vegas, where no one will be for weeks, AND they won’t take it on faith to ship the kindle to the correct address, but instead are making me wait the full 2 weeks it’ll take for Fedex to give up and return it to them, before they’ll start the re-re-return process.  But I still have less than 5 days to ship them the broken DX.

UPDATE5:  All’s well that ends well, so sayeth the bard, and I’ll defer to him this time.  My mother got someone at Amazon to do the return-to-sender on their end for the kindle they sent to the wrong place, and got them to fedex one out to the right address in time for the T-day trip.  I’m still not used to the extra size of it all.

Kindle 2 vs DX

The PDF support is … interesting.  With a mostly text pdf, it’s a little small, but readable.  You can’t highlight or look up words though, or even write notes attached to the file in general, which is most annoying, since there isn’t a generic note taking app built in, so there’s no workaround solution.   With a DX conversion address, they won’t even attempt to convert a text pdf to an azw, they just send you back the pdf.   I tried one of the MAD magazine pdf’s.  The lack of zoom made it unusable, but it did work.

Reading Too Much Into Nothing

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Last night, the cute bartender finished off my drink.

A bunch of us were out back, getting thirsty, it’s time to head back inside, and I see the bartender grab my basically empty drink.  I think what a strong work-ethic/help out your fellow bartender attitude.  Then the bartender finishes off the drink.

Do I take it as a compliment, the assumption that it’s safe to drink after me, or do they just grab random drinks when thirsty all the time?  By the transitive property of algebra, it’s like a first kiss, right?

Fight Club

Friday, November 6th, 2009

If you break the rule about talking about Fight Club, what exactly is the punishment? Do they beat you up….more?