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Small Nostalgiac World

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

20-30 years ago, halfway around the world, a boy found wonder and escape in a book that mixed science fiction, historical facts, and a very British space comic, into one memorable, albeit confusing, book.

The other day, I stop in the hobby store down the street, a once a year expedition, and find it again.  Just as I remembered.

What’s crazy is, I was about to waste an AskMe question to figure out the title, and here the actual book drops into my lap, and on sale even.

Rhapsody Search Suckage Incomplete

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

So, a little more investigation has revealed interesting, but seemingly useless, bits of information about just how much rhapsody search sucks.

Example 1:  The Pogues, “Fiesta”

If you go to the Pogues page, it’s one of their top tracks, but if you search by title for “Fiesta”, it isn’t in the first of several pages….BUT, if you search for “Fiesta God”,  it’s one of three results returned.   More telling, when searching for just “Fiesta”, you’ll notice that it’s prioritizing albums where the word is also in the title.  So, now I understand why the results are so crappy, and how to get around their terrible search.  If only that information could make it to a dev at rhapsody, instead of being stonewalled by some tech support idiot that’s never even logged into the service.

Mac OSX Time Machine Doesn’t Work

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

For the last two days, I come home to a screen with the message,

“Time Machine Error

Unable to complete the backup, an error ocurred while copying files to the backup volume.”

No other details, no suggestions on fixes, no indication if this means all backups are trashed, or just the most recent.

But it gets better; turns out this is a known issue, hence the reason Apple dis-recommends using Time Machine as a backup, only as an archive.

Steve Jobs sucks again.

UPDATE:  Still broken this morning, but of course, if you grep the syslog for backupd messages, it says that actually, the backup completed successfully.  I wonder who is telling thru truth.  I sure know I wouldn’t trust any vital information to Time Machine, if I were you.

Paul Simon, Back on Rhapsody (updated)

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Seems someone in charge of Paul’s music didn’t like getting paid for people listening to it, and had it removed from the Rhapsody music service.  What a moron.  Now I won’t buy any new Paul Simon music, ever again until he gets a new manager.

What a brilliant strategy to maximize your client’s value, by removing a revenue stream for him, I’m sure he’ll totally give you a bonus during these tough economic times.

UPDATE: strike thru above, and an amused note that they didn’t pull any of the covers,  and it turns out both the US Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus, and the “Studio Group”, manage to pull of perfectly listenable covers.  So congrats mister manager, you’ve deprived paul of only some of his revenue; he’ll still get the statutory minimum payment for a cover song.  You cost him something, but not everything.

UPDATE2: Mr Myers version wasn’t bad, but didn’t finish it.  The mostly instrumental jazzy one by Common Ground is getting a full listen.   The Soweto String Quartet is quite up beat by the end.  It’ll get a second listen, I think.

UPDATE3:  Paul Simon is back on Rhapsody, joy =)

google probs

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The king has stumbled; google is taking so long to load today, I actually used Live search.  And got my answer, still can’t even get the main page to come up.


About That Rhapsody Love…

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I take it back.

Not all of it; I still think it’s the best deal out there for subscription music.  But someone made a bit of a goof recently, and broke track search.  It used to be, if you searched for the song “crazy”, by track title, you’d find lots of songs with that title.  Now, it only returns tracks with at least 2 words in the title, at least on the first page.  It reminds me of having to point out to someone, the existance of the group “u2”, when they said “there aren’t any bands shorter than 3 letters”, when justifying a coding mistake he’d made.

Some People Aim Low

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I keep getting wordpress spam trackback attempts from someone trying to sell a drug “no perscription”.  The strange thing is, it’s not for a drug that you’d need to avoid geting a scrip for; it’s cheap, available in bulk generic, and has zero abuse potential.  It seems incredibly stupid.

Inventory Turnover

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

While in Vegas for my grandma’s funeral (and finding her ashes in a cupboard at my folks house?  a little creeped out about that one), I stopped by a Lee’s Liquor, to pick up some Danny DeVito Limoncello, and some Dan Akroyd Crystal Skull Vodka.  One the way out, my dad I and wondered over the high end bottles of cognac, some almost $3000.  They have at least 5 stores in Vegas.  It seems like a lot of inventory cost to be carrying for a rare sale.

UPDATE:  The limoncello is quite nice.  Very fruity and sweet, but not cloyingly so, nor too bitter of a lemon taste.  It has quite the kick.  I’m going to pick up some stuff to try mixing it with next, but straight up was totally pleasent.  I haven’t cracked open the skull yet, but it looks so cool.

A Boney M Tribute Band?

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

If there was any doubt as to the desperation of music labels, I give you The Boney M Tribute Band.   Mmmm, disco-revival, that’ll save your bacon. =p

Rep Reichert, Repub To The End

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Rep Dave Reichert wants you to know that he’s going to stick by his republican ideals of selfish greed to the end. He’d rather people had no health care, than health care that was metered by the feds.
I’m sure all the parents with dead children totally agree with him. Far better that Tommy and Susie died of easily preventable diseases, than big bad govt happened to be the one to pick up the tab. If only all those rich republicans donated enough to the hospitals that we didn’t need socialism in health care.
But that’s just crazy talk.

UPDATE:  So, right after the “news” gives Dave “poor kid hater” Reichert his bully pulpit to tell us about just how evil he is, some disturbing PAC-like entity pays for an ad asking people to call Dave and thank him for voting to fund childrens healthcare.  Um, hello?   He voted against funding healthcare, not for it.  He just said so.