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Not Happy Today

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Sound Speed Scooters is starting to really tick me off.  I spent some serious cash on a new scooter, and when I go to pick it up, it makes it 10 feet and dies.  I have to leave it with them and walk back to work, then leave work again to come pick it up when they fix it.  Today, I’m riding it to the store to pick up a chain to lock it with at work, and it dies again.  This time, I’m way more than 10ft from their shop, and had to get it towed to them.  They assure me that they will take a look at let me know what’s wrong, right away.  I walk back to work, AGAIN.  Their store hours are supposed to be 11am to 6pm, so when I call them at 5pm, and it goes straight to voicemail; I’m pretty pissed.  I drive over, and they tell me they need till at least tuesday to figure out what’s wrong.  ARGH!

Update:  The sales/fixit guy calls today.  He doesn’t have my bike fixed, but he thinks he knows the source of the problem.  Sub-standard fuses “inside the batteries”.  They need a couple of days to decide what to replace them with, and then I will be “good to go”.

<Samuel L Voice>I am trying real hard to believe</SLV>

New Scooter = Happy

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Literally the day I’m about to call Sound Speed Scooters to see if they have an ETA on my bike, my phone rings, and they announce that it is here and will be ready to pick up the next morning.


I take an early lunch the next day and bus down to fremont, walk over, and finish all the paperwork, buy a helmet, and get ready to head back to work. I get 10 feet from the store, and the scooter just dies. No beeps, no lights, just dead. ARGH. At least it rolls well on a flat surface, so I take it back, and after checking all the obvious stuff like the fuse, the dealer is conflusterated and asks if I can go have lunch and give him a few to check it over.

So, it’s off to George and the Dragon for Shepherd Pie, and by the time I get back, he has figured out that it was a bum battery, and swapped that out. Sure enough, all is well, and I zip back to work. I call State Farm, get it added to my policy (even with comprehensive, it’s still fairly cheap), make another drive out to ballard to get the plates, and back to work again.

So far, I’m quite happy. In “power” mode, it has lots of zip and a decent top speed. The “economy” mode cuts something off the top-end, but the initial acceleration seems mostly the same. I’ll have to do some proper mileage tests at some point. It looks like the thing is light enough, I could take it home and bring it up to my apartment in the regular elevator, for charging. For now, it will live at work though, I think.

Kids These Days

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Back in my day, when a kid had to start wearing glasses in Kindergarten, it was for sure that by high school, he’d be wearing coke-bottle-bottoms at best. Now they can start you on treatments, and keep your eyes from growing all wrong-shaped.

I wonder if it helps Astigmatism too.

Olympic Toys

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

The closing ceremonies of the Olympics showcased two of my favorite wish-I-had-impractical-levels-of-money-dreams, a monowheel-cycle, and the grasshoper-legs.  I could afford the powerizers, I suppose, I just couldn’t imagine where I’d get to use them.

Olympic Firework ETA?

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I wonder how long it will be, before all the smoke from the Olympic closing ceremonies fireworks, will show up here in the Northwest.  I seem to recall reading something about that being the way the winds blow, in a non-metaphorical sense.  I would presume it means more rain.  Because we’ve had such a dry summer so far =p


Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

So, in what’s become a frequent incident in downtown Seattle, the Monorail failed, and the fire department had to evacuate everyone by ladder truck.  That’s not the funny part.  I’m watching the news, and it appears that the ladder truck they used is broken down too, with the hood raised up so someone can work on the engine.

It Seemed Even Closer

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
He's Closer Than He Seems

He Seemed Even Closer

It was a very nice day for shooting on the water.  No wind, so no waves.  I’m headed in, when the seaplanes start taking off.  I end up perfectly aligned for a nice take-off sequence.  I assume the pilot just likes to buzz the kayaks (I like it when they do, so I’m happy), and not that he could see my teeny-tiny camera from when he started his run.   Then again, he is a pilot, his eyes better be better than mine.
It was a little disconcerting, as he just keeps coming closer and closer.  He seems much further away looking at the camera screen, but I can hear him, like a bee by my ear.

free flight

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

So, it turns out that all the United mileage program mails I’ve been throwing out, unopened, have been trying to tell me that I have enough miles for a round-trip flight.  Thinking I should try to take my balloon flight again somewhere, or maybe go visit Dad and play golf once the weather cools down a little…after the summer we’ve had in Seattle this year, I don’t think I could take shifting to Vega weather all at once.

Is That Picture Really You?

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Next time you go searching for that certain special someone, for the night, on craigslist, you can see if the picture they give you is for real or not. Tin Eye is an image search engine that uses an image as the search term, rather than words. It does an amazing job of finding the handful of people who’ve bothered to re-host some of my pictures, instead of just hot-linking to them like the other 2000+ myspace pages do. If only they indexed all the personal ads. Still, I suspect some people are going to get exposed as frauds anyways, once words of Tin Eye hits the e-streets.

MADD cowards

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Is Alicia Neuschwanger a coward, a bigot, the kind of slime you usually find at the bottom of a septic tank? She has plenty of company, wherever slime like her hang out, what with her buddy, Ada County MADD director, Miren Aburusa and her getting national news coverage for their small mindedness. Alicia at least has the excuse that she’s just working at the fair. Miren has no excuse. She works for MADD and is supposed to be trying to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, not hiding them because they aren’t pretty enough. It seems she’s probably more interested in raising money, than awareness. I suspect because you can’t embezzle awareness. If I worked for MADD national, I’d certainly be ordering a very detailed audit of anything ms Aburusa has ever touched. That kind of slime is usually contagious.