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Spoils of Babylon

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I’m loving this show, so far.  Great name actors, insane characters, cartoonesque action and plotting, and stylistic homages to everything and nothing.  It’s the kind of show that you watch a single episode, and think you’ll never catch up, only to realize it was the first episode, and you are right where the director wanted you to be, a state of confusion and amusion (oh not a word, eh English? thpt to you).


Watching Enterprise

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Taking advantage of my Amazon Prime account to catch up on shows I missed the first time around, I started watching Star Trek Enterprise yesterday. Wow, talk about a bombastic intro song…sheesh, it is no wonder I didn’t watch it originally. That song is terrible. Then there’s how slow all the episodes have been so far. Lots of very boring expositions, with everyone standing around waiting for something to happen.

They certainly paint the Vulcans in a much less flattering light than the original series, but then again, the humans are pretty petty as well, at least so far.

Most disconcerting is how much more modern everything looks than they will in the in-series future of OST. The aesthetic seems more modern than TNG’s even.

I wonder if Amazon Prime has the newly remastered TNG’s….

Summer downgrade

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I’ve been thinking about cancelling TV service altogether, for at least the summer, if not longer. In the end, I went with downgrading to the cheapest package. When you consider the penalty for only having Internet ($10/month), it seemed worthwhile to keep a minimum level of service. If the rep wasn’t accurate, and it costs more than expected, well maybe that will convince me to fully kill my television.

Well, my television service, thanks to Amazon Prime, it’s not like I won’t still have plenty of TV to watch.

Also, there should be a law preventing companies from forcing you to listen to advertisements instead of hold music. I’d rather be annoyed at some muzak-wannabe than hear about some pay-per-view fight I wouldn’t watch if it was free.

No real surprise

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

When it was revealed on today’s Young and Restless, that Ricky might have murdered his college girlfriend, I certainly wasn’t surprised. I’ve been yelling that at the TV since they first mentioned the girl, and her death by ‘suicide’. It was really the most obvious next step for his character’s development.

They are making it really easy to consider giving up not just cable, but TV altogether for a while.

Trust but verify, on Y&R?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

One of the characters on today’s YnR just used the phrase, “trust, but verify”


Toon and Country

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

After my re-realization that the DVD alternate language tracks could be a source for different takes on favorite movie/TV songs, I’ve been going through my library, looking for stuff that I want to hear in another language.

I was pleased to find that Tiny Toons has alt language tracks for french and portuguese, but saddened to find that Animaniacs has none, just alt-language subtitles. And here I was hoping to hear the Presidents song in spanish.

Super Weekend Wrapup

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Completed the Star Destroyer, and a Republic Frigate. Determined this morning, if I want to create a set of accompaniments for the Destroyer, he needs 76 Tie Fighters, 4mm long, if they are to be to scale. So, even mini lego models would be outsized. It occurs to me, if I were really a nerdy nitpicker, I’d calculate out whether or not the Falcon really could hide on the back of a Destroyer’s bridge…done, looks like a scale Falcon would be .85 inches on the longest side, or as Wolfram Alpha helpfully tries to make visualizable, 0.42 AA battery lengths. Without the model at hand, and the applicable DVD scene freeze framed, it does seem plausible.

Watched the last half of Robin Williams’ Popeye, found out the soundtrack is available on Rhapsody =)
Watched most of Resident Evil: Afterlife, can’t believe they are up to five movies, that I have found reasonably entertaining, out of a video game I never was even remotely interested in.

I watched some Super Bowl commercials, in between all the rest. And made tasty nachos.

Victorious Breakfast Club

Monday, January 30th, 2012

As a cartoon addict, I end up watching a lot of shows for which the advertising is entirely child-directed, which I tend to ignore. But when I saw a teen nick show preview that looked suspiciously Breakfast Club-y, I had to check it out. So far, they’ve done an amazing job of sanitizing the movie, yet still being funny. Instead of dandruff, it’s glitter that the Ally Sheedy character shakes onto her drawing (she puts the glitter in her hair, so it’s closer than it sounds). The geeky guy has a t-shirt that says “Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie” on it. The Vice Principle is wearing the exact outfit.

And now, they are doing the “are you a virgin” scene, only it’s “have you ever had a Taco….are you a, VEGAN?”.

Why do I suspect they won’t do a pot smoking scene. Nickelodeon won’t do that on television =p

LOL, the geeky guy does the “you’re so conceited” line, without any context. One for the parents.

So they are substituting tacos for sex AND weed. Victoria shoves the grocery bag sized bag of tacos, in the geeky kids pants…I foresee a burning tacos joke in the future, but I was wrong. Time constraints of a 30 min show I suppose.

When she’s locked in the janitor’s closet, there’s a ladder, with a sign that says “Secret Passageway To Library”.

“You ever had a taco around here?”

“Robbie’s trying to tell me that sometimes you and he crunch the corn shell together”

I wonder what the Judd Nelson-alike usually looks like. He’s doing a really good job of having the attitude, well the g-version of the attitude, limited by the fact that he’s not the title character, who’s getting Judd’s best scenes in the original. The clothes are spot on.

Robbie does the fish gobble where smoke would be, if the taco was a joint. It must seem incomprehensible to someone who has never seen the original.

And he does the “so conceited” line again.

Instead of the lipstick boobie trick, she can fire a little bow and arrow with her feet. Well, it’s teen nick.

They are doing a lot of the dancing exactly like the original.

But they do the makeover on the geeky boy…does he usually try to get touchy-feely with the judd-nelson alike?

Well, I laughed.

Hulu Plus is dog food

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

They defend the inclusion of advertising in the paid-tier of service by touting its cheapness.

I could buy dog food for a lot cheaper than steak, doesn’t mean I’m going to eat it. At this point, it isn’t even worth free.

More Nostalgia Funk

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Another part of the weekend’s nostalgia overload, a marathon session of Jason of Star Command. I had remembered the bad guy’s monocle, but there was so much I had forgotten that came back once I started watching. As a kid, I probably didn’t notice that they not only reused sound FX from Star Trek, they even reuse some of the musical cues. I’m certain as a Star Wars obsessed kid, the ‘evil’ wookie-alikes would have been notable. And now I know why the minister from Mom and Dad Save The World seemed so familiar; I was remembering him from Jason.

But the biggest ‘discovery’ was the do-anything-even-fly-through-space-yet-fit-in-a-fanny-pack robot, W1k1, aka Wiki. Wikipedia’s biography claims it comes from the Hawaiian word for quick, but obviously Jimmy Wales was a big Jason fan =p It’s a robot that is capable of interstellar travel, has a built in laser for freeing Jason from the inevitable chains in the dungeon scenes, and R2D2 like one-understandable-sided-jokes.