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I have limits

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I try to be the guy

Who takes it all in stride

Never says ‘no’

Never gives up

I try

But I do say, ‘no’

And I do give up

When hurt

When rejected

When disrespected

I do say ‘no’

I do give up.

So congratulations to you

For all that we’ve been through

For you I say

“No more”.

Seattle Restaurant biz-temperature falling?

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

While Seattle seems to be going through a huge boom in construction, it is not clear that all this growth is benefiting existing restaurants. Recently, one of my favorite restaurants majorly annoyed me with a desperation move, that turned out to have not matter, the shop having shuttered in the last week anyways. Today, I get an email from another local restaurant bemoaning a significant loss in visitors, and offering an apology for a recent menu change, and a promise to return to the old ways, so “please come back”….weird to see such candor from a business.

But more curiously, I wonder at just how things are for the average restaurant in Seattle these days. I suspect that while the number of potential new customers has gone up, so has the number of new alternatives to be tried, leading to several places finding themselves ignored for prior success, while the crowds move from new to newer.

Somewhere in Seattle

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Somewhere in Seattle, a man is contemplating violence against his former co-workers. I know this because he came up to me and told me, last night. When he wasn’t telling me about how his hand hurt because he’d punched someone earlier. When he told me of his plans to buy a gun and go shooting, I tried to offer alternatives, but he was quite convinced that he “had fucked himself”. Then he said he drank to much. There’s something odd about extolling the value of AA, while I’m holding a drink. But I’m not the guy who burned his own bridges, but still blames “the stupid people”.
Eventually he wandered off, though he came back to ask me to dial his phone for him, so he could booty call his ex, but his battery died as it was ringing.

I worry he was serious about his intentions for violence; it sounds like he isn’t shy about it though, so hopefully his associates are aware and prepared. Hopefully.

I’ll sing it if I have to

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

At karaoke last night, when it was turn for one of my songs, I got up to sing, but quickly noticed the DJ had left the last person’s song queued up. I am waving, talking on the microphone, saying “not my song, hello? can I sing my song?” but he’s too busy chatting with his buddy, so I give in, and sang what was left of “The Gambler”. I did OK, considering I hadn’t practiced or listened to that song in a while.
After, the guy finally comes up and asks me what I wanted; I explain that he played the wrong song. It was annoying but it happens. But he just stands there, looking annoyed at me, until I specifically say, “no worries”.

Fake ring?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

At karaoke last night, there was a guy.  Young and cute, several of the regulars and staff were showing him lots of attention, but he really seemed interested in me, even coming over and sitting next to me to talk for a while.  When other guys hit on him, he pointed out his engagement ring (which was on the ‘wrong’ finger).  I kind of got the feeling he was just saying he was engaged as a defense mechanism…like he was ready to be ‘out’ enough to be in a gay bar, and to pretend to be engaged to a guy, but not ready to have some stranger grind butt to crotch.  Which I would totally understand.  If J______ did what he did to A____ to me, even now, I’d blush and be flustered, much less how I would have reacted at his age.

At least that’s the impression I got.

I suppose the ‘adult’ response is to hope his love is sincere and long lasting.  Or I could hope he was faking it, and ends up dating me some day. =p

People used up all their crazy I guess

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Checking the Seattle 911 log this morning, and I see surprisingly few calls over night, with not a single assault response.  I guess everybody got all their craziness out on NYE, and are still recovering.

Uber vs Sidecar

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Sidecar convinced me to try the e-dispatch world of nota-taxi’s, with a free party.  Uber convinced me to give them a try, eventually, by offering puppies.  Even though I didn’t manage to get a puppy, I still had downloaded the app, and when Sidecar let me down, again, I gave Uber a try.  And they worked.  A little more expensive, but even in a single transaction, I got a much higher sense of reliability and professionalism…but I’ve Sidecar’d successfully several times, and wasn’t going to give up on them yet.  But tonight, even though they said a driver was only 5 mins away, they also said no one way available.  Uber had half dozen people nearby, and the chosen one was there promptly.

There are some similarities between the two service.  They are generally not as knowledgeable about addresses as a real taxi, but they are more amenable to personal driving directions.  I’ve gotten free water, and or candy out of drivers from bother services, but neither one is more likely to offer it than the other…the premium version, .Uber Black is like a proper towncar service–they get out and open the back door for you kind of things.  And not much more than the regular level of service.

Pricing is up front with Sidecar, and you can give tips over and above the system generated price…I think you can even say you want to pay less, but I’ve never felt that was needed.  Uber, you have to go through extra steps to get a fare quote, and then you still have to tell the driver where you want to go.

I suspect I will continue to use them in the order their applications appear on my phone.

Games at BPT

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

An internal test on a live system that got indexed externally, or whatever.  I’m still amused.

Tiny Tim in Concert

Tiny Tim comes back to life and plays a full concert just for you! &&&&&& —

Admission comes with FREE Holy Goggles that will allow you to view Tiny Tim lip-synch to his greatest hits, which we will be piping in through audio speakers.

Abandoned Lot at the Corner of 5th and Blanchard

Ticket + Holy Goggles $200.00 ($207.99 w/service fee) Sold Out
You will need Holy Goggles.

Notes!Fake EventFake EventFake EventFake




Friday, November 8th, 2013

The poor young woman behind the counter at Starbucks this morning, managed to at one point ring up my drink & pastry, for the staggering amount of $12,543.71.  She started to get panicked, then paused, said, “I’m not going to get flustered”, and slowly worked us back to a more reasonable figure, which of course is when my phone crashes, and we have to wait for me to reboot this time.

I’ll give it a few minutes before I check the balance on my card =p

As I walked home, the whole thing seems more and more like a software failure.  There should be a reasonable upper limit on sales that a normal employee can even attempt in a single transaction.  There should be obvious and intuitive ways to undo a transaction step before finalization.  A well designed system should guide you through the steps you need to take, for any reasonably foreseeable use-case.  But that takes time, and time is money, sometimes 13 grand.

Rock Salt down

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

I was caught by surprise last month, when I stopped by for dinner, only to find a note saying they were closed for remodeling. Now the sign just says closed for good 🙁