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I call myself a name that is not mine

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

I call myself a name that is not mine


When all I do is hope, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary,

for no rational reason

I have continued to hope

to dream

to look on joy and feel loss

as if joy was ever going to be mine

as if hope was ever going to make a difference

Maybe it’s time

to give up

on hoping

to give up

on dreaming

Plenty of work to be done


Does Hulu plus hurt artists more than it helps?

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

I can’t be the only person who feels ‘morally’ obligated to refuse to give money to Hulu, to insert ads into shows you can see elsewhere for free, without any advertising.  So I have to wonder, if any data nerds have monitored the effect of a show moving from truly-free online-via-network’s on site, to Hulu’s horrible advertising wasteland.  I suspect that shows ‘exclusive’ to Hulu have a significantly higher piracy rate than any other form of distribution, simply out of spite at their horrific business practices, and complete moronic insistence on selling a lesser product, for less money, only, instead of offering multiple, sane, tiers of service, that people have continually begged for.


I’d pay double, maybe even quadruple their current fee, if there was actually a value in the ‘plus’, but as they are now, I can only despise them for the arrogant idiots they are, but given who they are owned by, forward thinking decision making would be a new thing for them.

The dishonesty of Flex-Time

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

It always sounds like a nice plan, on paper, “unlimited time off”, who wouldn’t want that? You if you are smart.

Problems with flex-time:

You have to know exactly to the second how much time you’ve “Accrued off-books”, because while they won’t pay you at termination for “unused but earned” time, they always expect you to pay back any time off taken that would exceed the same ‘limit’. Usually a contract is supposed to show benefit to both parties, to be considered valid. Unless you’ve bought a legislator or two, and gotten the law to except your underhanded scheme. Or operate in a state where someone else already did the hard work of getting the laws changed, and all you have to do is screw over your employees when the time is ‘right’.

There is no recourse from a bad manager. If you end up with a project that is poorly managed, when it comes down to it, no business is ever going to let you take the time off you’re owed, at the expense of day-to-day operations, so even if you manage to eventually get the bad manager out/reformed, it’s already too late, and the worker gets screwed.

Nothing in the prior time-off plan prevented a manager from granting exceptions to exceptional circumstances, so again, the whole point of this change is to give the employer more options, and the employee fewer.

But you get to sound all generous and say things like “unlimited time off” without technically engaging in fraud.


Update: Thought of another one….under normal time off, you just have to ask for it, and verify that your request won’t conflict with the business schedule. Now, you’ll have to explicitly justify every time you want to be out of the office. It’s none of your frackin business what I want to do when I’m not at work, and I sure as hell am not coming begging to you for what was once a contractual part of compensation.

I have limits

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I try to be the guy

Who takes it all in stride

Never says ‘no’

Never gives up

I try

But I do say, ‘no’

And I do give up

When hurt

When rejected

When disrespected

I do say ‘no’

I do give up.

So congratulations to you

For all that we’ve been through

For you I say

“No more”.

I’ll sing it if I have to

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

At karaoke last night, when it was turn for one of my songs, I got up to sing, but quickly noticed the DJ had left the last person’s song queued up. I am waving, talking on the microphone, saying “not my song, hello? can I sing my song?” but he’s too busy chatting with his buddy, so I give in, and sang what was left of “The Gambler”. I did OK, considering I hadn’t practiced or listened to that song in a while.
After, the guy finally comes up and asks me what I wanted; I explain that he played the wrong song. It was annoying but it happens. But he just stands there, looking annoyed at me, until I specifically say, “no worries”.

Goodbye LogMeIn, Hello Teamviewer

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Now that LogMeIn has doubled-down on failure, making clear they want to go out of business, and are cancelling the only product they offer that has actual value, it’s time to start looking for alternatives.  Enter TeamViewer, offering all the features I ever used in LogMeIn.  It remains to be seen what kind of company they are, but they can’t be any worse than the team in favor of corporate suicide, that is in charge at LogMeIn.

It’s funny, when less than a year ago, your CEO was pushing the value of having a free tier, and swearing it was essential to your survival and thrive-al.   I suspect I won’t hear much more about them going forward; it sounds like they’ve wasted all their investor cash, buying up good products, shutting them down, and destroying their own brand in the process.  You won’t be missed.

Starbucks does right

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Back on Black Thursday, Starbucks had a special promotional tumbler for sale, priced at $75.00.  Doesn’t sound that great, right?  Except that it was going to include 1 free drink a day for the entire month of January.  Now that’s pretty reasonable.  When the guy behind the counter tried to sell me one in the morning, he specifically said I’d be able to get my regular Chocolate Chai, if I got this mug, and so, after I was done with other shopping, on my way home, I picked one up, washed it, and set it on the counter to wait for the new year.

Yesterday, as I was walking through the starbucks built into my grocery store, I remembered the tumbler, and even though coming to the store once had already made my sore throat pretty unhappy, I didn’t want to waste my money, and so after I dropped off the groceries, I grabbed the tumbler and headed out to the shop where I’d bought the thing.  Imagine my surprise when the woman behind the counter says she doesn’t think I should be able to get a Chai, since it’s not an espresso based beverage, but she’ll let me.  Presumably she saw the “I am totally willing to make a big scene over $75, even if I’m sick” in my eyes.

When I got home, I wrote the company, basically expressing my frustration, politely, and asking if I should just try to return the mug, if it was going to be useless to me (my tummy can’t take espresso no mo).    I was surprised and pleased, to get a same day response, even though it was a holiday, and even more please when the rep gave me a $10 credit for my annoyance.  They didn’t say one way or the other, what to do about the tumbler, but when I went in this morning, after an initial attempt to charge, because the guy forgot the mugs were free, not because I wanted chai, they gave me my drink for the right ‘price’, and it sounded like they had already decided as policy to just honor the drinks for everyone.

Sure enough, if I look on the very tiny print on the side of the tumbler, it does say, “grande espresso beverage”, but it sounds like I am not alone in having been told something different than the fine print.  So kudos to Starbucks for honoring the intent under which these magic cups were bought, for the chai folk of the world =)

Target pushback

Friday, December 27th, 2013

In light of the recent, rather public, computer security failure, I stared at the error message before me.   The Ultraviolet people had announced that they are finally ready to let people register their DVD’s from home, using one of their partners’ programs.  Sounds like awesomsauce; I’d get to put all the DVD’s into less accessible storage, but still have easy, legit, access to the content on the go.  One of the three partners is a Best Buy project, CinemaNow, and I know they need all the help they can get, so I figure I’ll give it a shot.  Which is how we got to here.  Seems they couldn’t be bothered to sign their code, and the latest OSX update flat out refuses to let you run unsigned code, without mucking about in preferences.

I could make the change, easily enough, but it doesn’t seem like I should have to.  Best Buy should be fully capable of hiring developers capable of the minimal effort of registering with Apple.  That they are unwilling, or unable, to accomplish this underlines the woeful state of computer security as a proactive way of working.  The developers at Best Buy are willing to put the end user at risk, even though they should be well aware of how easy it is to trick people into downloading from the wrong place, and just how potentially devastating the results can be.  If there is justice in the universe, someone will install CinemaNow on a computer inside their firewall, and then accidentally install some malware that would have been prevented, if they hadn’t turned off the safety features of the OS, and it costs them twice as much as Target’s losses end up being.


Protected: Mixed blessings

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

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Fitbit Force disappointments

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

After having read many favorable reviews, and finding myself frustrated with how often I was missing out on trackable items, when using an app on my phone, I decided to give it a try.

My first impressions were favorable. The setup process wasn’t quite as smooth as the direction would have you believe; the Force refuses to let you set it up until it has been fully charged, whereas the instructions claim you can go thru setup while it is charging. Whatever, one time annoyance, not that important.

What is turning out to be extra annoying is how deceptive their claim of “water resistant” is…I don’t expect to be able to go diving, but I expected at least $5 Timex levels of water safety, but it turns out you really should take the Force off anytime you are around more water than a sneeze. Which of course means that when I take it off to wash my hands after dealing with another cat poop issue, I forget it, and another day ends up without 90% of the day tracked, so no better utility than a tracker app on an iPhone. Really worse, since I never leave the house without my phone, and have pockets where the phone lives when I’m doing things like washing my hands.

It gets worse though…it turns out 75% of the features they list on the box are only available with an additional yearly subscription. The longer I have it, the less impressed I am.

It does have a nice physical design though.