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Somewhere in Seattle

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Somewhere in Seattle, a man is contemplating violence against his former co-workers. I know this because he came up to me and told me, last night. When he wasn’t telling me about how his hand hurt because he’d punched someone earlier. When he told me of his plans to buy a gun and go shooting, I tried to offer alternatives, but he was quite convinced that he “had fucked himself”. Then he said he drank to much. There’s something odd about extolling the value of AA, while I’m holding a drink. But I’m not the guy who burned his own bridges, but still blames “the stupid people”.
Eventually he wandered off, though he came back to ask me to dial his phone for him, so he could booty call his ex, but his battery died as it was ringing.

I worry he was serious about his intentions for violence; it sounds like he isn’t shy about it though, so hopefully his associates are aware and prepared. Hopefully.

I’ll sing it if I have to

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

At karaoke last night, when it was turn for one of my songs, I got up to sing, but quickly noticed the DJ had left the last person’s song queued up. I am waving, talking on the microphone, saying “not my song, hello? can I sing my song?” but he’s too busy chatting with his buddy, so I give in, and sang what was left of “The Gambler”. I did OK, considering I hadn’t practiced or listened to that song in a while.
After, the guy finally comes up and asks me what I wanted; I explain that he played the wrong song. It was annoying but it happens. But he just stands there, looking annoyed at me, until I specifically say, “no worries”.

Fake ring?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

At karaoke last night, there was a guy.  Young and cute, several of the regulars and staff were showing him lots of attention, but he really seemed interested in me, even coming over and sitting next to me to talk for a while.  When other guys hit on him, he pointed out his engagement ring (which was on the ‘wrong’ finger).  I kind of got the feeling he was just saying he was engaged as a defense mechanism…like he was ready to be ‘out’ enough to be in a gay bar, and to pretend to be engaged to a guy, but not ready to have some stranger grind butt to crotch.  Which I would totally understand.  If J______ did what he did to A____ to me, even now, I’d blush and be flustered, much less how I would have reacted at his age.

At least that’s the impression I got.

I suppose the ‘adult’ response is to hope his love is sincere and long lasting.  Or I could hope he was faking it, and ends up dating me some day. =p