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The Last Stand (MR)

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

I checked out the post-Governator’s film, and came away entertained.  The plot is silly, poor Forest Whitaker plays the dumbest FBI agent ever, and it was heavy on the gore.  Mr Knoxville plays basically himself, and does OK with that.  Arnold doesn’t ham it up quite as much as the old days, but still pulls off several unrealistically heroic acts of physical strength and endurance.  I’ve seen a lot worse action films.

Seven Psychopaths (MR)

Monday, August 12th, 2013

When I saw the trailer, I knew eventually I would watch this movie.  Christopher Walken is great in comedic roles, so I was sold already.  When the film starts out, and the main two characters are people I don’t generally want to see on screen, much less together, I’m a little worried, but in the end I was sold again.  The story isn’t what I expected at all, but the characters and the casual violence are.   In the end, it seems like the total psycho count is far higher than 7, but many of them are just there to die, and not really characters, so I guess they don’t count.

The movie is parts touching, horrifying, amusing, and silly.  Overall, worth watching.

Mary & Max (MR)

Friday, August 9th, 2013

I watched the movie Mary & Mary (2009), the other night, and was very pleased.  It’s a touching tale of two lonely people, separated by age and distance, who manage a sort of friendship over the course of their lives.  Sometimes amusing, sometimes depressing, and very believable.  Amazingly detailed clay stop-motion animation, without sacrificing story for art, nor art for story.  I won’t go into any plot details, just say that I am still glad I watched it.

Watching Xanadu

Monday, May 27th, 2013

As I’m sitting inside, watching another excellent biking day go by, I happened across Xanadu, a 1980 musical film, with Gene Kelly, Olivia Newton-John, and lots of roller skating.  I remember loving the movie when it first came out, listening to the soundtrack over and over, and imagining that someday I’d get to go out to a night club like that.

Now, as I’m watching the big grand opening musical number, all I can think of is the liability issues of having drunk people, on skates, with rotating platforms, and multiple levels of floor space.  I remember a DJ friend, who had taken over an old bank space in St Louis, who’d built a special dance floor in the middle of the fountain, complete with a strobe light in the floor.  He found amusement in the number of people who’d fall in the water when the strobe went off.  The days before ubiquitous cellphones =p

I still enjoyed most of the musical numbers, and wonder if DJ Earworm has ever seen the live mashup number, with sliding stages.

I had forgotten how much of the film takes place on skates; I did remember how much I wanted skates after it came out, and how I’d wear them everywhere/when I could.

Steampunk-ing the Musketeers, really?

Monday, April 8th, 2013

I’m avoiding the rain outside, yesterday, and looking through the channels, I see the name Milla Jovovich on some movie dated 2011, yet another Three Musketeers remake.  I’ve got a soft spot for Milla, and turn to the channel, just in time to see here character be abducted by an ‘airship’ in the steampunk tradition of a heavy wooden sailing vessel with a bag overhead.  As I’m watching, I can’t help but be amused by the whole silliness of trying to squeeze modern steampunk bits, into an old story, set in a realistic environment.  In the end, they just ignore anything that gets in the way of having the spectacle  of naval battle, done above sea level, complete with the “why don’t they just fire at the airbag, instead of the wooden ship” silliness.  Nothing at all about hanging a massive wooden warship off the top spire of Notre Dame, that requires exceptional belief suspension.

In the end, even having only seen the last 45 mins of the film, I am not surprised I’d never heard of this one before.

Mirror, Mirror (Movie Review)

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Watched on Netflix last night, and was pleasantly surprised.  A very nice upside-down version of the traditional Snow White tale, with Snow taking on a far more active role.   I thought the bollywood-esque musical dance, during the end-credits, was really cute.  Certainly very visually impressive, at least when network bandwidth was enough to get the full HD experience.  Armie Hammer makes a good cute-but-clueless prince.  Julia Roberts was a very good evil queen, and it was very nice to see Nathan Lane on screen again.  Worth watching.

The Vogels

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Watched an interesting documentary last night, on a pair of art collectors, Herb & Dorothy Vogel.  I got many things out of the film.  Firstly, I really want to live in New York City someday.  Secondly, I should get out to more gallery opening.  and thirdly, medical science had better be ready to give me forty more years, once I finally meet my lifemate.

And to not be afraid to buy art you don’t get, for yourself, and to let it grow on you.

The Big Year (MR)

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Watched the comedy film, The Big Year, staring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, and was reasonably pleased.  With excellent minor roles from Anjelica Huston and Brian Dennehy, the cast come together to craft a heart warming tale of love and friendship, in the world of birding.  A bit kinder to the subject than some mockumentaries, the focus is on purely realistic situations, with comedy coming more from the personalities involved, than any wacky hijinks.


Monday, October 15th, 2012

Went and saw the latest Tim Burton piece, on Saturday. Ended up doing the 3D-IMAX experience. The theater wasn’t super crowded, mostly families with children (I found it amusing that one kid asked his mom to cover his eyes during the rollercoaster intro bit that Regal has). The animation style is familiar, and several of characters seem almost re-used from previous movies, but manages to work better with the 3D effect, than ‘real ‘ movies do. The story is predictable, but cute, and ends happily, as it is a Disney film. It was worth watching.

Super Weekend Wrapup

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Completed the Star Destroyer, and a Republic Frigate. Determined this morning, if I want to create a set of accompaniments for the Destroyer, he needs 76 Tie Fighters, 4mm long, if they are to be to scale. So, even mini lego models would be outsized. It occurs to me, if I were really a nerdy nitpicker, I’d calculate out whether or not the Falcon really could hide on the back of a Destroyer’s bridge…done, looks like a scale Falcon would be .85 inches on the longest side, or as Wolfram Alpha helpfully tries to make visualizable, 0.42 AA battery lengths. Without the model at hand, and the applicable DVD scene freeze framed, it does seem plausible.

Watched the last half of Robin Williams’ Popeye, found out the soundtrack is available on Rhapsody =)
Watched most of Resident Evil: Afterlife, can’t believe they are up to five movies, that I have found reasonably entertaining, out of a video game I never was even remotely interested in.

I watched some Super Bowl commercials, in between all the rest. And made tasty nachos.