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Impossible Chocolate ‘Pie’

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

I don’t like coconut.  I don’t mind coconut flavor, but the real deal icks me out on a textural basis I can’t get beyond.  So, I took the Betty Crocker approved Chocolate-Coconut pie, and replaced the coconut.  Attempt one, I just replaced coconut with regular flour.  Things turned out a little less chocolatey, and a little less sweet than I would like.  It was very dense and moist, more pudding than cake.  Second attempt, I’m using bisquik as 1-to-1 replacement for the requested coconut.  I upped the sugar by a quarter cup, and the chocolate by an extra tablespoon, plus some cinnamon and nutmeg just to change things around.  We’ll see how it turns out…

2 cups milk
1/4 cup butter or margarine, softened
3 oz unsweetened baking chocolate  –I used 10 tablespoons cocoa powder, and 3 tablespoons veggie oil
1 cup coconut  –I used 1 additional cup of bisquik
3/4 cup sugar  –Upped to a full cup
1/2 cup Original Bisquick® mix
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
3 eggs, slightly beaten
  1. Oven to 350, grease the pie dish.
  2. Over a medium-low heat, mix the milk, butter, and chocolate, until melted, then remove from heat.
  3. Mix into remaining ingredients with whisk or fork, until smooth. Pour into pie dish.
  4. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool approx 30 minutes, can be eaten warm, or chilled in fridge to serve cold later.

UPDATE:  Using all bisquik made for a more cakey outcome.  I think I like the denser version.  I will have to continue to experiment with the ratios.