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Not expected

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Bored at home, feeling a little better, I started to check out some ‘videos’ to pass the time.  Came across something that made me laugh.  Picture a middle aged man, naked in the tub, except for a Batman mask, drinking a bottle of wine, and lip-synching Whitney Houston.

It made me laugh.


Flash Mob idea

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

The song: Level Up by Vienna Teng
The stage: Outdoor park/plaza

Everyone who sings has a turntable to stand on, one by one, people set them down, stand on them, and join in the song.

Buckaroos at The Triple Door

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Seattle burlesque royalty, the Can Can Castaways, put on an all-male cowboy themed show at The Triple Door tonight, with two more shows to go, this weekend.  Several regulars and a couple of guys I haven’t seen at the Can Can before, made up a sexy crew of dancing studs.  As with any cabaret show, the plot is minimal, but sufficient to tie the dance numbers together; boys from the country head to the city to make the big money.

The individual dances tended toward erotic over avant-garde, with plenty of physical, mildly raunchy, humor scattered about.  The Deputy easily gets the best introductory song…not really ‘country’, but he’s wearing a cowboy hat =p

The crowd enjoyed the show, and the audience members brought on for participation bits, worked well.  They did a good job of mixing guys and gals on stage, and one of the women was quite eager to get her hands on the guys, perhaps even more than they expected, but ever the showmen, they rolled with it, and everyone had fun.

The Triple Door was reasonably on it’s game tonight.  I could hear one table near me expressing frustration at getting their first order in after being seated, having to grab a bus boy to find their waiter eventually.  I got reasonable service, and enjoyed my 7-flavor beef (I could swear when they first opened up it was 9-flavor).

Chi Chi @ The Can Can (4-12-2013)

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Went to check out the new show Can Can Castaways show last Friday night, making it out for the mid-late show (they now do shows at 7,9, and midnight).  I’d already been in the new space, for the Bunny Bounce, but even in just a single week, there’d already been some changes to the space.  Up front, the full-size tables have been replace with fixed long-thin tables, leaving space for a catwalk down the front.  I’m still worried about the ability of anyone outside of the front row, to see anything ‘low’ on stage, but perhaps they will merely adjust their choreography to reflect a higher sightline.

As for the show itself, it was interesting to see how radically Johnny Boy’s look can change with just costume and makeup.  He does a very nice job as MC, assured banter with the crowd, a proper bit of faux-swagger as befits the persona, and of course he does get some of his clothes off before the night is over….I’m really curious what a celebration package looks like with this show (Celebration Package is a $100 add-on that a group can get, so one of their number gets pulled up on stage for an extra bit of interaction), but despite someone having a birthday party there that evening, no one had put up the dough for the extra bit-of-show.  This production has a theme, reminds me of some electro-swing albums I’ve enjoyed.  A definite roaring-20’s kinda vibe.

I look forward to seeing this show again, see what changes happen as they become more comfortable with the new setup.

Dinner at Wotan’s (Teatro Zinzanni review)

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Having still not found a suitable friday night Karaoke venue, I went out and let other people entertain me with their singing.

I saw a note in the Seattle PI, about how they were having a new show, and when I checked for tickets, there was a table for 2 still empty, so I grabbed a seat.  I understand the desire to avoid confusion while people are trying to get seated, but it is still kind of annoying when one of these places calls up and does the whole, “Are you really such a loser that you are coming to a show by yourself?” questionings.  Oh well, life goes on.

When I arrived, the hostess person who brought me to my table went out of her way to make me feel as welcome as any table-of-six, giving me the full historical facts spiel about the tent and whatnot.  As the night went on, my waitress was equally attentive to me, noticing when I let my 2nd drink sit until all the ice had melted, and worrying that I wasn’t drinking it because I didn’t like it (The drink was fine, but I was waiting to get the main course down, before getting more alcohol in my system).  The food was just OK.  Most of it wasn’t of a style that I’m generally a fan of.  The steak was cooked exactly to order, and tasty, but the potatoes, while prepared ‘correctly’ for what they were, just didn’t appeal at all, with a sour/vinegar taste that I couldn’t stand, and the veggies on the main plate were all forms of squash, again prepared ‘correctly’, but due-to-personal-preference-still-inedible-to-me.  The salad was tasty, and the soup left me wishing for a bigger bowl.  The desert was just so-so in my book.

The performance numbers were entertaining, and made good use of  the space.    A fair number were aloft, many were at ground level.  It should go without saying, but obviously a musical performance based somewhat around the Ring cycle is going to have a bombastic, full-figured female singer involved, and they cast well their Broomhilde, who could certainly fill the room with sound, without needing to lean on the mic.  Thor was a very sexy sky-high-tall statue of muscles and long hair.

It is amusing how they integrate the change in course, with the musical numbers.

The biggest disappointment of the night was in how character-staff treated a single diner.   Now, I’ve only been there once, but it sure seemed like at least 2, sometimes all, of the characters would visit with each table in the inner ring, and at least 1 person visited every table in the outer ring…except mine.  Every character, and even the photographer, looked at me, and then moved on to chat with someone else.  Add in the way they exhort the crowd twice, once to dance with someone from your table, and once to kiss someone at your table, and the whole night gets tinged with a bit of “why are you here, loser”.

I also noted that at least one of the major characters seemed to be having a really bad night, full on glowering, every time he wasn’t ‘in focus’, out of character with his character’s motivations during the scene.


Overall, I’d say the Can Can is a much better value for the money, and a much more enthusiastic show.  The size of Teatro’s space allows for more impressive acrobatics, but at least for my tastes, the music, food, and people, are much more inviting down in the Market.

Can Can Halloween at the Triple Door

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Another holiday season starts off right, with the Seattle cabaret group, Can Can Castaways, and their yearly take on Nightmare Before Christmas, at the Triple Door. I knew it was coming up, but work has been crazy, and I didn’t get tickets until late in the game, so I ended up seated with little view of anything further back than the curtain line. The house was packed, and many people were in costume, though none of the staff.

The food is always tasty, though I could swear that they used to do a 9-flavor beef, not a 7-flavor beef. It is still tasty, just confuses me. Maybe my mind is conflating the 9-flavor beef (formerly) at Shallots. None of the pumpkin themed drinks were non-beer based, so I dunno how they turned out.

The show was awesome. They double up the Jack and Sally roles, presumably to concentrate singing and dancing talents separately. If there is any complaint, it’s that unlike their regular shows, 90% of the skin you’ll see if female. Usually, it seems like they try to split the skin closer to 70/30. I don’t expect 50/50, but I do wanna see Jack’s bones =p

With a live band, and a much larger stage (and cast), the show is bigger than a usual CC-show, but also a lot tamer. Maybe it’s just harder to get everyone as drunk and good-naturedly-yelling-along, in such a refined space, with so many more audience members.

Overall, I was happy, even if I didn’t get a chance to say hi to the cast.

Public performance art

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

One of the City of Seattle’s official temporary art projects, Surrogate, involves the artist walking a section of greenwood ave, twice a day, for a couple hours at a time, hugging trees, and leaving behind poems on each hugged item.

I may have to reconfigure my chocolate time, to be in the neighborhood at the right time to witness one of these huggings.

Charity Season

Friday, June 1st, 2012

It’s finally that time of year again, where I’m ready to dole out my charity dollars for the year. Last year, the big winners were local dance and theater groups. They probably will be again, but maybe also a little towards something that directly affects my neighborhood.

The Schoolyard presents Cabaret

Monday, April 30th, 2012

When the Open Circle Theater went under, I wondered where the players would end up. If I understand things correctly, The Schoolyard is made up of some of those folk. That’s what the guy who recommended them to me said, anyways. Anywhoo, they had a Kickstarter for their next show, I pitched in, and Saturday night was my turn as VIP, for my reward. In typical style, I had a completely different show in my head, having not fully read the project description, but still ended up entertained.

Cabaret is a classic musical of love in Berlin, before the war. They had the Re-Bar set up with a tiny stage in the center of the room, and the audience surrounding all four sides. My seat was at a table on the venue’s actual stage (along with two other sets of VIPs), a old-style-looking phone on my table, and one of the other VIP tables. I should have realized what that meant, but when the male lead came and sat down at my table during the phone-club scene, and started small-talking with me, I was unprepared for improvisation, and just had to smile and look pretty =p

The cast did a great job, the german landlady was played extremely well, as were all parts. The live band providing the musical background did a good job as well, with the intermission costume-change a subtle clue to the impending inevitable tragedy of the second act.

The audience was an interesting mix. One guy in the front row looked like he was in love with the stage, a sort of dumbstruck smile on his face almost the entire time, especially in contrast to his date, who looked mostly bored the whole evening. Another front rower, something must have gone wrong during intermission, as he came back with a scowl that never left his face.

Not a bad way to spend a saturday night.

Joan Rivers at Benaroya Hall

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

What a difference a year can make. Last time I saw Joan Rivers, it was at a casino, a long drive out of town. This year, she’s playing the Seattle Symphony’s main hall, technically within walking distance. I wonder if the show will be any different.