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Buckaroos at The Triple Door

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Seattle burlesque royalty, the Can Can Castaways, put on an all-male cowboy themed show at The Triple Door tonight, with two more shows to go, this weekend.  Several regulars and a couple of guys I haven’t seen at the Can Can before, made up a sexy crew of dancing studs.  As with any cabaret show, the plot is minimal, but sufficient to tie the dance numbers together; boys from the country head to the city to make the big money.

The individual dances tended toward erotic over avant-garde, with plenty of physical, mildly raunchy, humor scattered about.  The Deputy easily gets the best introductory song…not really ‘country’, but he’s wearing a cowboy hat =p

The crowd enjoyed the show, and the audience members brought on for participation bits, worked well.  They did a good job of mixing guys and gals on stage, and one of the women was quite eager to get her hands on the guys, perhaps even more than they expected, but ever the showmen, they rolled with it, and everyone had fun.

The Triple Door was reasonably on it’s game tonight.  I could hear one table near me expressing frustration at getting their first order in after being seated, having to grab a bus boy to find their waiter eventually.  I got reasonable service, and enjoyed my 7-flavor beef (I could swear when they first opened up it was 9-flavor).

Chi Chi @ The Can Can (4-12-2013)

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Went to check out the new show Can Can Castaways show last Friday night, making it out for the mid-late show (they now do shows at 7,9, and midnight).  I’d already been in the new space, for the Bunny Bounce, but even in just a single week, there’d already been some changes to the space.  Up front, the full-size tables have been replace with fixed long-thin tables, leaving space for a catwalk down the front.  I’m still worried about the ability of anyone outside of the front row, to see anything ‘low’ on stage, but perhaps they will merely adjust their choreography to reflect a higher sightline.

As for the show itself, it was interesting to see how radically Johnny Boy’s look can change with just costume and makeup.  He does a very nice job as MC, assured banter with the crowd, a proper bit of faux-swagger as befits the persona, and of course he does get some of his clothes off before the night is over….I’m really curious what a celebration package looks like with this show (Celebration Package is a $100 add-on that a group can get, so one of their number gets pulled up on stage for an extra bit of interaction), but despite someone having a birthday party there that evening, no one had put up the dough for the extra bit-of-show.  This production has a theme, reminds me of some electro-swing albums I’ve enjoyed.  A definite roaring-20’s kinda vibe.

I look forward to seeing this show again, see what changes happen as they become more comfortable with the new setup.

Yelp Nerdy Dancing Killed My Knee

Monday, April 1st, 2013

And I’m good with that =p

I’d never been to Q nightclub before.  Generally, I avoid any kind of place that has a line outside and a bouncer deciding who gets to come in, and when.  But the previous Yelp parties I’ve been to have been interesting, so I figured it was worth a shot.  Most importantly, it was a chance to go dancing before 10pm.  I’ve been grumbling, mostly to myself, at how there aren’t any dancefloors that get truly moving, anywhere before past my bedtime, and here was a chance to dance, that started at 6.  Of course, I didn’t manage to make it down till 8 (and hooray for free rides from sidecar, yet another taxi alternative), so by the time I got there, some of the cooler freebies were all given out, but they were still doing $1 drink tokens to benefit the charity of the evening, and the club was reasonably packed and groovin.

I’d wandered around, found a clear spot along one wall, where I could set down my jacket and drink, and leaned against the wall, intending to do some dancing eventually, but planning on getting a little drink on first.  A few minutes later, one of a crowd of ladies dancing nearby asked me why I wasn’t dancing, so I put down the drink and did some funking, and really didn’t stop until I was ready to leave, just like back in the days.   One hot looking guy came up and complimented my dancing, but since he spent his night bumping and grinding one girl in particular, I’m pretty sure it was just a compliment, not a come-on =p

At one point the girl who got me to start dancing marvels that I’m still going strong, and gives me one of the blinking light foam bat toys, to dance with (I had been wondering if I was going to have to wait around till the end of the night, and then collect one off the floor, to get one, squee).

As the Yelp-sponsored part of the evening draws to a close, I know my window of opportunity to get a free ride is closing, and my knee is starting to let me know that, while it hasn’t dropped me to the floor yet, it’s pretty damn close, and since the place seems to be clearing out, I go ahead and head home.

It subtly bugs me, as I’m waiting outside for my sidecar pickup, that despite the fact that the club was starting to get emptied out, inside, the bouncer is letting a big line build up outside.  Any thoughts I had about going back to Q were kinda squashed at that point.

There’s a small bit of confusion, because the sidecar guy is driving a different kind of car from the one his profile says, but he gets me where home reasonably quickly, and again the ride was on Yelp.

The sidecar experience….interesting.  The first guy was friendly and personable, with free waters.  He managed to slightly miss my driveway, but since I live on a major highway, and he was only 30 yards down at the next available turn-off spot, it wasn’t a major hassle.  The second guy seemed like a traditional taxi driver, in personality and driving style.  I noticed a group of people, also getting free sidecar rides, were getting into some kid’s modified Subaru, and wonder what their ride was like.  It certainly seems like their dispatch process is faster than traditional taxi; I don’t ride enough taxis to know where their pricing fits in, and it isn’t clear if the suggested donation already includes a reasonable tip for average service, or if the base donation is for bare-minimum service, and one should expect to always be adding on an appropriate tip.  Given that you don’t get any opportunity to provide feedback of any kind on the free rides, I dunno how a ride you actually pay for works.  Will have to try it eventually.

Can Can Halloween at the Triple Door

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Another holiday season starts off right, with the Seattle cabaret group, Can Can Castaways, and their yearly take on Nightmare Before Christmas, at the Triple Door. I knew it was coming up, but work has been crazy, and I didn’t get tickets until late in the game, so I ended up seated with little view of anything further back than the curtain line. The house was packed, and many people were in costume, though none of the staff.

The food is always tasty, though I could swear that they used to do a 9-flavor beef, not a 7-flavor beef. It is still tasty, just confuses me. Maybe my mind is conflating the 9-flavor beef (formerly) at Shallots. None of the pumpkin themed drinks were non-beer based, so I dunno how they turned out.

The show was awesome. They double up the Jack and Sally roles, presumably to concentrate singing and dancing talents separately. If there is any complaint, it’s that unlike their regular shows, 90% of the skin you’ll see if female. Usually, it seems like they try to split the skin closer to 70/30. I don’t expect 50/50, but I do wanna see Jack’s bones =p

With a live band, and a much larger stage (and cast), the show is bigger than a usual CC-show, but also a lot tamer. Maybe it’s just harder to get everyone as drunk and good-naturedly-yelling-along, in such a refined space, with so many more audience members.

Overall, I was happy, even if I didn’t get a chance to say hi to the cast.

Charity Season

Friday, June 1st, 2012

It’s finally that time of year again, where I’m ready to dole out my charity dollars for the year. Last year, the big winners were local dance and theater groups. They probably will be again, but maybe also a little towards something that directly affects my neighborhood.

Memorial Day Weekend in review

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Started the weekend out slow, some fun at the work party, and then home to a hungry cat, nothing special as Friday nights go. Saturday morning, the sun was shining, so I broke fast in the park. Afterwords, I made my way up to Seattle Center to see Carly Calbero and Laura Love. Both did great sets; I’ve seen Carly before, she was her usual awesome self. I hadn’t seen Laura perform before, and she did not disappoint, managing to put out some serious energy.

When I got home from Folklife, I jumped on the scooter and headed out to look at a motorcycle, and ended up walking out with a new bike. By the time I got home again, there was an email offer from The Can Can, for a special price on a seated ticket to that night’s 10:30 show. I certainly couldn’t resist the chance to see the late version of Tune In Tokyo at such a bargain, and made my way down. As I expected, there’s a bit more skin than the early show, though still burlesque not stripping =p They had made a few other tweaks as well, and the scrolling backdrop worked much better than last time. Also, since I wasn’t full-meal hungry, I tried the poutine, and nom nom tasty indeed. It was somewhat amusing to listen to some guy in the standing-room only section, just over my shoulder, talking most of the evening about his sex life, to his two female friends. It was kinda funny to listen to him go on and on about how important physical attraction was for him, then contrast that with how he took care of himself. Let’s just say I agree with his friend that suggested a change in his standards. The waiter forgot to bring me more water and one of my drinks, distracted by the table next to me I guess, and felt bad enough that he comped all my drinks for the eve, which seemed a pleasant overreaction to one slow moment out of an evening of otherwise stellar service. But I won’t turn down a freebie =p

If there was any downside to the evening, it was that I was super sleepy all day Sunday and accomplished basically nothing, not even making it out to Folklife again. I did a few chores around the house at least. Played some ipad tower defense app.

Monday was another semi-busy day, with a very short kayaking trip (it was windy), lunch in the sun, and another walk through of Folklife.

WTF Wednesday @ The Can Can

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Having gotten my dance-watching-whistle partly-whetted last weekend, I came out for the weekday Castaways show. For a change, I didn’t buy a VIP seat, and instead did the back-of-the-bar standing room zone, though since the place was not too busy, there were plenty of places to sit, even in the bar. I guess Wednesday night isn’t a big bachelorette party night, so when it came time to bring someone on stage for embarrassing, it was a guy from a couple in the VIP section, who got an impromptu sexy dancing lesson. Interesting to me, it seems like this show features more guy-action than the other shows, including a piece that ends with assless-chaps style butt visibility.

I also found it interesting, on a much more personal note, that one of the dancers looks like he might have a lipoma, similar to my own, in almost the exact same spot. Of course his looks a lot better in context, surrounded by rippling muscles.

Tune In Tokyo @ The Can Can

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Saturday was opening night for the new show at The Can Can, Tune In Tokyo, staring the Can Can Castaways. I never really think about how many bachelorette parties there are there going to be, when I plan a trip to the Can Can, and this night was no exception to that rule. There were 4 groups of gals celebrating upcoming nuptials; one group was in coordinated 20’s newsboy drag, suspenders, hats, and fake mustaches. One of the groups had brought a large chalice marked ‘Bride’, and I heard all three other tables notice the goblet, and then apologize to their bride for not thinking of having one themselves.

The show itself was excellent, as always. A few rough spots, but nothing unexpected for a first performance. The scrolling backdrop seemed more trouble than it was worth, and I wonder how long a hand-drill will hold up to that kind of usage. The new welded metal rotating pieces seemed to work nicely, and definitely looked impressive. When Mr Muscles is doing his solo piece, I am worried I will see fingers go flying before it is all over, but perhaps perceived danger is the perfect spice. I was pulled on stage for the embarrass some girls out of the audience section of the show. I dunno if they included me because of the indiegogo bit, or just because I was male and in the front row; I had fun either way. Most unexpected part of the evening was getting the bill, and finding out they’d comped my drinks for the evening, not just the cover & meal. Of course this morning I notice that I could have brought a guest. I could have sworn I got the one-ticket-to-opening-night package, but I wanted the video enough to get the 2-tix version I guess. d’ohwell.

I really have to work on my knee before my dance lesson. It was very unhappy this morning, as is the foot. d’ohwellx2.


Can’t believe I forgot the food. Well, I can believe I forgot the main course. The stuffed chicken was underwhelming in the extreme; I was quite disappointed they didn’t have the cajun chicken pasta from my last VIP visit. The pear salad though, that was divine. I’ve never had a salad I liked as much. Savory and rich, without excess heaviness. I dunno what sort of green that was, it looked like leaves off the forest floor, but damn it was the perfect carrier for the dressing, without a hint of the usual bitterness I associate with leafy greens. The potato leek soup was well spiced and flavorful as well. I forgot you have to order desert up front, and so didn’t get to try the brulee.

Dancing Burgers

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Actually two separate things, but over the same evening.

First the dancing. Local burlesque icons, The Can Can Castaways, setup a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. I contributed and got to see a rehearsal last night. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but suffice it to say, they’ve upped the ante on their stage contraptions, having learned some welding, it looks like. The new show is titled Tune In Tokyo, and looks like it will have an appropriate theme, modern and hyper-paced. I can’t wait for opening night to see the whole thing in full costumes.

Then the burger. There’s a bar-n-grill, descriptively enough it is named Sport Bar. I’ve had a groupon to there for a while now, and it was on the walk home from the dancing, and I’d heard they have a burger where the patty is made with ground bacon. I really hope that it isn’t 100% bacon (and it certainly tasted like a mix of beef and bacon), because if it was, red in the center seems like a bad thing. Anywho, it was tasty enough, but not actually as bacon-y as I expected. And since the place is literally under the space needle, it is way over-priced, so even with the groupon, it was an over-valued meal. Next time I see a groupon for the Five Point….same ‘hood, infinitely better value (but only 1 TV).

Viva Oz Vegas at Triple Door (review)

Friday, March 25th, 2011

So I think I’ve learned to avoid the early show at the Triple Door, at least for something like burlesque; this review covers the 7pm showing on Thursday 3/24/2011.

Food first – I decided to go against habit and tried the evening’s special, a lamb curry that was supposed to be spicy-hot. The portion size for the ‘full’ order was good, and the sauce was a very tasty curry, but not hot at all. The veggies were minimal which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if the meat had tasted fresher/less-game-y. In the end I ate less than half the meat, but all the rice/sauce/veggies I could. It was a disappointing start to the evening.

I was a little put off by the way they started the show with what seemed like at least a half hour of the band singing cover songs. Well, maybe they were singing. Everyone but the drummer looked to be lip-syncing and faking their instruments, but maybe it was just the aural dissonance of seeing such a Johnny-Cash-esque-bass come out of such a small guy. Either way, I was really surprised at how long they kept the stage dancer free. When they did finally bring in dancers, the guy side of the cast was underwhelming to say the least. Usually a Can-Can show is fun for watching both guys and girls, but not this one. The girls did have very realistic showgirl attire, but it was hard not to compare against the Nutcracker show I saw last Christmas, which was much more elaborate in sets and costumes.

Three ladies performed a nice set on the rings, and came back again to perform on hanging ropes during the second half of the show. Which brings me to another WTF moment, getting back to my seat after intermission, looking at the clock and seeing 8:16, when the show is supposed to be over by 8:30. And it was over by 8:40, so they did a 10 minute intermission before a 20 minute set? I have to assume the balance of musical and dancing numbers is better during a late show. And I also assume that in the late show you see more skin; you got a brief peak at “Marilyn’s” covered nipples at the end of the 1st half of the show. There seemed to be a lot of missed lighting cues during the entire evening.

Frankly I was underwhelmed. I expected more out of a Can-Can show on the Triple Door stage. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the performers put in a good effort with the material they were working from, but it seemed like a half-hearted attempt on the part of the director. It could be just an effect of cutting down the 10pm show for time and age (I notice the 7pm show is listed as just 17+), but still seemed like they could have done better. I was also confused by how comparatively gay/bi unfriendly the show was for something with a Wizard of Oz theme, and seemed very out of character for the Can Can shows I’ve seen before. I don’t me unfriendly in the sense that they did gay-bashing-jokes, but rather in a if-you-are-gay-dont-bother-coming-nothing-to-see sort of way.

And to the Triple Door itself, this marks the second time I’ve been recently where I felt like the service level has declined noticeably. They did at least take my drink order this time, but it took 20 minutes to arrive, on a night where they weren’t anywhere near capacity. And I found it really skeazy that when they found out I hadn’t come up with a date for my second ticket, they tried to sell my second seat to someone, without planning on giving me my money back. I can live with a no-refunds policy, but if I paid for two seats, but come alone, as far as I’m concerned I paid for a $20 coat check that I can keep an eye on. Certainly not without at least asking me if I mind some stranger sharing my table, ON MY DIME, while you take their money as well.

I think the biggest lesson learned is that there’s a difference between “can can presents” and “the can can castaways present”. I will be paying closer attention next time.