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Not expected

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Bored at home, feeling a little better, I started to check out some ‘videos’ to pass the time.  Came across something that made me laugh.  Picture a middle aged man, naked in the tub, except for a Batman mask, drinking a bottle of wine, and lip-synching Whitney Houston.

It made me laugh.


Games at BPT

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

An internal test on a live system that got indexed externally, or whatever.  I’m still amused.

Tiny Tim in Concert

Tiny Tim comes back to life and plays a full concert just for you! &&&&&& —

Admission comes with FREE Holy Goggles that will allow you to view Tiny Tim lip-synch to his greatest hits, which we will be piping in through audio speakers.

Abandoned Lot at the Corner of 5th and Blanchard

Ticket + Holy Goggles $200.00 ($207.99 w/service fee) Sold Out
You will need Holy Goggles.

Notes!Fake EventFake EventFake EventFake



Yelling at the tide

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

When a musician complains about people recording their shows and sharing it on youtube, I can’t help but picture a petulant child, yelling at the tide, as it washes away her sand castle.  There is no doubt you built a thing of beauty, but the world is always changing, and if you make a stand in the path of progress, there is likely to be little left but momentary ripples in the waves, as the future passes you by.  The world will not reshape it’s path to your will, it won’t for any artist, in any medium (fine-art, 3d-printing is coming for you next… in less than 10 years from now, everyone will be wearing cameras capable of building hyper-accurate 3-d models just walking around a museum or gallery, if not sooner).  And yet there are others who survive and thrive in this new world.  You can learn from them, adapt and embrace, or you can continue to stand in the sand, as your dreams melt around your feet, yelling at the tide.

Flash Mob idea

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

The song: Level Up by Vienna Teng
The stage: Outdoor park/plaza

Everyone who sings has a turntable to stand on, one by one, people set them down, stand on them, and join in the song.

Buckaroos at The Triple Door

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Seattle burlesque royalty, the Can Can Castaways, put on an all-male cowboy themed show at The Triple Door tonight, with two more shows to go, this weekend.  Several regulars and a couple of guys I haven’t seen at the Can Can before, made up a sexy crew of dancing studs.  As with any cabaret show, the plot is minimal, but sufficient to tie the dance numbers together; boys from the country head to the city to make the big money.

The individual dances tended toward erotic over avant-garde, with plenty of physical, mildly raunchy, humor scattered about.  The Deputy easily gets the best introductory song…not really ‘country’, but he’s wearing a cowboy hat =p

The crowd enjoyed the show, and the audience members brought on for participation bits, worked well.  They did a good job of mixing guys and gals on stage, and one of the women was quite eager to get her hands on the guys, perhaps even more than they expected, but ever the showmen, they rolled with it, and everyone had fun.

The Triple Door was reasonably on it’s game tonight.  I could hear one table near me expressing frustration at getting their first order in after being seated, having to grab a bus boy to find their waiter eventually.  I got reasonable service, and enjoyed my 7-flavor beef (I could swear when they first opened up it was 9-flavor).

An Oscar Un-Thanks?

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Has there ever been an Oscar/Tony/Grammy winner, that trashed their parents for failing to support the artist’s creativity, growing up?

“I’m here in spite of my parents, who never once said something nice about me growing up”


“To all the people in my family who’ve discouraged me at every opportunity…this one’s not for you”


Chi Chi @ The Can Can (4-12-2013)

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Went to check out the new show Can Can Castaways show last Friday night, making it out for the mid-late show (they now do shows at 7,9, and midnight).  I’d already been in the new space, for the Bunny Bounce, but even in just a single week, there’d already been some changes to the space.  Up front, the full-size tables have been replace with fixed long-thin tables, leaving space for a catwalk down the front.  I’m still worried about the ability of anyone outside of the front row, to see anything ‘low’ on stage, but perhaps they will merely adjust their choreography to reflect a higher sightline.

As for the show itself, it was interesting to see how radically Johnny Boy’s look can change with just costume and makeup.  He does a very nice job as MC, assured banter with the crowd, a proper bit of faux-swagger as befits the persona, and of course he does get some of his clothes off before the night is over….I’m really curious what a celebration package looks like with this show (Celebration Package is a $100 add-on that a group can get, so one of their number gets pulled up on stage for an extra bit of interaction), but despite someone having a birthday party there that evening, no one had put up the dough for the extra bit-of-show.  This production has a theme, reminds me of some electro-swing albums I’ve enjoyed.  A definite roaring-20’s kinda vibe.

I look forward to seeing this show again, see what changes happen as they become more comfortable with the new setup.

Keep the Iron Lady, but I want my Jiff back

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Annette Funicello is probably the first ‘celebrity’ I can remember, so it’s a sad day to hear that she has passed away.  I find it interesting that she first realized she was sick, way back during the filming of Back To The Beach.  I wonder how my mom feels today.

Is it really a cappella?

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Is it really a cappella, if your arrangement relies on beatboxing through an amplified microphone?  Doesn’t the level of wet-processing make a difference, when the same sound, without over-driving the reverb, wouldn’t sound anything like the final product?  It seems like there needs to be some sort of distinction between music performed by voices, but not reproducible without electronic assistance, as opposed to vocal performances where nothing is added by machine, but volume.

Sunday Gay Day

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The sun was seriously out this Sunday, and the queer scooter group was getting together for a ride.  My scooter is just not appropriate for any sort of rally riding, but they are OK with sharing the ride with a motorcycle, and I joined in.  The starbucks (yes, it’s seattle, they make for universal neighborhood landmarks) was overflowing with bicycle riders, as I waited for the group.  In the end, we had six people, scattered across 4 bikes, and headed out for a trip out to Alki.   It was really nice, not being the underpowered-bike-holding-everyone-up, especially when we got onto the west seattle bridge where, despite a 35 mph speed limit, most people were doing 60 past us.

We drove all the way out, and after a short pause on the beach, along half the backside of Alki, before splitting up, with 5 of us going back down the beach to have lunch at Cactus.  Man, I do love the salsa at that place.  All the food was tasty.

After lunch, I went home, with the intent of getting out on the water while the sun was so nice.  Ended up spending an hour with a not-worth-it guy instead, but oh well.

For dinner, headed down to the Can Can for the yearly Easter event which is The Bunny Bounce.  As it is a free first-come-first-served event, there were no set table-spaces, and I grabbed a seat at an empty table in the back, but quickly ended up with an overflowing table of joiners.  Turns out they are all drag performers, there to support one of their friend’s in the cast, so got to hear lots of catty gossip all night long, a sort of secondary, private-at-my-table show.  They were all very polite and occasionally sociable, but I went home alone, so it wasn’t THAT gay of a day.  The Bunny Bounce show was fun.    I think only one of the performers was in drag, or else they are on hormones.  They all were fun.  And the poutine is always worth getting at the Can Can.