Finding new music is like…

People often ask me how I find new music, and I’m at a loss to explain the process in a single sentence.  Sometimes, I start out with a band I know and love, like for example Jellyfish, or Size 14, and go about following the former members as they move on to solo projects (Jason Falkner) or new bands (Linus of Hollywood).  Other times, it is a random chance listen to something that appeared on TV, or a search for covers of a song I already know and love, interpreted in new ways.  Word of mouth from DJ’s I like accounts for some, opening bands of bands I go to see used to provide new avenues too.  It is Very Rare that I’ll hear a song on the radio, but it can happen that way too.  Hanging out in a gay dance bar is a good pathway for new dance pop tracks, to make it into the rotation.

Of course, since there are huge gaps in my classic rock/blues/country knowledge, I’m often ‘finding’ stuff everyone else already knows about already, but new-to-me is still new-to-my-ears =p

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