Not Happy Today

Sound Speed Scooters is starting to really tick me off.  I spent some serious cash on a new scooter, and when I go to pick it up, it makes it 10 feet and dies.  I have to leave it with them and walk back to work, then leave work again to come pick it up when they fix it.  Today, I’m riding it to the store to pick up a chain to lock it with at work, and it dies again.  This time, I’m way more than 10ft from their shop, and had to get it towed to them.  They assure me that they will take a look at let me know what’s wrong, right away.  I walk back to work, AGAIN.  Their store hours are supposed to be 11am to 6pm, so when I call them at 5pm, and it goes straight to voicemail; I’m pretty pissed.  I drive over, and they tell me they need till at least tuesday to figure out what’s wrong.  ARGH!

Update:  The sales/fixit guy calls today.  He doesn’t have my bike fixed, but he thinks he knows the source of the problem.  Sub-standard fuses “inside the batteries”.  They need a couple of days to decide what to replace them with, and then I will be “good to go”.

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